Jeremy Clarkson needs help GMB guest claims after Meghan column

Jeremy Clarkson needs help GMB guest claims after Meghan column


Adil Ray says 'our words have consequences'

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Last week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released the final instalment of their Netflix documentary which received mixed reviews from viewers. Making his thoughts and feelings over The Duchess known, Jeremy Clarkson lashed out in a hate-filled column. Although his comments have since faced a wave of criticism.

Speaking in his column, which was written in The Sun, the 62-year-old admitted that although he felt sorry for Prince Harry, he hated Meghan on a “cellular level”.

In the piece, the Clarkson’s Farm star confessed he’s unable to sleep at night as he dreams of the day she’s made to parade naked around the streets while people throw excrement at her.

He later went on to compare his hatred for Meghan being stronger than for convicted serial killer Rose West.

On Monday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain, hosts Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins spoke to Andrew Pierce and Kevin Kevin Maguire to get their thoughts on his words.

Andrew commented: “It’s appalling, it’s offensive on every single level. It’s disgraceful.

“I’m amazed actually, it’s not for me to edit the Sun newspaper, but I’m amazed that it got in the paper. It’s deeply offensive.”

Adil then asked Andrew and Kevin, who are both columnists themselves, how the process works.

They then told the GMB host that a writer will either tell the editor or features editor what they’re planning on writing.

Kevin added: “That should not be in that paper, if he thinks that, he needs help. He’s not just crossed the line, he’s leapt over it.

Charlotte interjected saying: “It’s bad enough to think it, bad enough to say it and bad enough to have it published in a newspaper.”

Kevin highlighted that Jeremy’s comments about Meghan in the paper could potentially be seen as defamatory due to the comparisons to Rose West.

Outraged, Adil swiped: “The point is at the same time, this newspaper will support women against violence campaigns.

“Only recently they did a hell of a lot about suicide prevention, our words have consequences.

“We come on this show and yes, we sometimes spark debate, that’s what we do, but we know that our words have consequences. You have a level of responsibility when you have that platform.”

Kevin shared that he believes The Sun will have to have an inquest on the column.

He said: “Either someone has had a terrible misjudgement at a senior level letting that through, or they’ve not known.”

“Either way, I don’t see how Clarkson can be allowed to carry on as a columnist.”

Since the column was released on Friday, many celebrities have come forward to shame the presenter over his strong, offensive comments.

Stars such as Carol Vorderman, Dan Walker and author Philip Pullman have all called out Jeremey on social media with John Bishop saying his words were a “blatant appeal” to humiliate and incite violence on a woman.

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