Jason and James Duggar Just Graduated From School — Are Either of Them Courting?

Jason and James Duggar Just Graduated From School — Are Either of Them Courting?


The Duggar family is one of America’s largest families, and there is never a shortage of milestones among Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s 19 children. The family’s reality show, Counting On, focuses mostly on the Duggar’s older children, Jessa, Jinger, Joy, Joseph, Josiah, and John David. However, Michelle and Jim Bob’s sons, Jason and James, recently graduated their homeschool program, which means there are two new Duggars who we might see more of on Counting On. Now that they’re done with school, are either of them courting?   

Jason and James recently graduated from their homeschool program

The Duggars don’t live life the way most Americans do. When Michelle and Jim Bob started having kids, they knew they wanted to raise them with deep religious roots. The devout Baptists opted not to send their children to public or private school but instead chose to homeschool them. Michelle said in the past that she wanted to make sure the children had an in-depth religious education in addition to their regular schooling, and homeschool would allow for that. (Plus, sending 19 kids to a private religious school would have cost a fortune.) And 19-year-old Jason and 18-year-old James just graduated the program.

Right now, neither son is courting anyone

Though both boys are almost done with their teenage years, neither seems to be courting at the moment. It’s been a while since any of the Duggars have announced a courtship, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if something new came along soon. The last Duggar to announce a courtship was John David, who then wed Abbie Burnett in November 2018. The two have yet to announce a pregnancy, though that’s something else Duggar fans have been patiently waiting on. But with Jason and James both legal adults, some fans think a courtship announcement from at least one of them could come soon.


The Duggars tend to court at a very young age

Courting is taken very seriously by the Duggars. Most of the time, once a couple starts courting, they’re on the fast track to marriage. And most of the Duggars end up marrying by no later than their early 20s. Jason and James still have a couple of years to meet the women of their dreams; though Duggars court young, 18 and 19 might be a bit too young — even for them. The boys have two older siblings, Jedediah and Jeremiah, who have yet to announce courtships. But fans think heartthrob Jeremiah could be taken off the market soon.

Fans think Jedediah or Jeremiah will court before Jason or James  

Out of all four boys, it would make sense that Jedediah andJeremiah court and marry before Jason and James do. However, that isn’t alwaysthe case, since both Jill and Jessa wedbefore Jana (Jana is 29 and still unmarried, much to the Duggars’surprise). Fans have labeled Jeremiah the heart throb of the Duggar family, andsome think he will be the next Duggar to announce a courtship. One thing isalmost certain: The Duggar daughters (except possibly Jana) won’t be courtingfor a long time, since the next-oldest daughter in line is Johannah Duggar, whois only 13.

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