Jane McDonald opens up on emotional reunion for new Channel 5 series

Jane McDonald opens up on emotional reunion for new Channel 5 series


Jane McDonald discusses her new TV show touring Yorkshire

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After quitting her show Cruising With Jane McDonald, the presenter is preparing for her next venture in Yorkshire. Jane McDonald will be exploring where she grew up and has teased an “emotional reunion” which could have viewers in tears.

Going back to her roots, the 58-year-old singer and former Loose Women panellist will be taking fans on a nostalgic trip around Yorkshire where she will tell stories of her past, all while showcasing the beauty of its towns, cities and countryside.

In the first episode of the Channel 5 series, the entertainer from Wakefield goes down memory lane by taking an autobiographical road trip to her hometown. Jane shows off the charming city and surrounding Yorkshire market towns and brings viewings along for the ride.

She visits the village of Holmfirth, which was the setting for the sitcom Last of the Summer Wine, and meets up with actor Jonathan Linsley who played Crusher in the series.

Visiting Wakefield Cathedral, diehard Jane fans will see where she would spend many a lunch hour as a young girl.

Exploring the cathedral’s grounds, Jane paints a picture of her youth, and the tour ends with a performance by the Wakefield Catherdral choir at the Chantry Chapel.

Jane made waves on TV screens in the BBC docu-soap The Cruise in 1998. Performing her way around the world she would offer travel advice and wow guests with her vocals.

Building up a loyal fanbase, she spent several years as a host on the ITV show Loose Women and later went on to BAFTA-winning success for her Channel 5 show Cruising With Jane McDonald.

Finding her inspiration when she was younger, she looks back at one of the biggest variety clubs in the north, the Wakefield Theatre Club, where all the big stars performed.

In her new series, Jane meets up with the woman who suggested she begin a career on ships.

She recalled: “I met up with Vicky who was the one who got me on the ships all those years ago.

“That was quite an emotional reunion as I hadn’t seen her for years. I sat and had a chat with her about the old days.

“She saw me in the club said ‘you’d be great on the ships’, so I had a lot to thank her for because she was the one who changed my destiny.

Despite this new show being set firmly on land, viewers can still expect the classic Jane banter and kindness that made her a British icon.

Opening up about the new series, Jane told The Yorkshire Post: “It’s a love letter to the viewers as to why I keep mentioning Yorkshire and Wakefield all the time!

“No matter what show I’m on, I always get a mention of Wakefield in somewhere. I just want to show everyone my beautiful city and my beautiful county.”

The show doesn’t sit still for long as she went on to reveal: “I go right up the East Coast, which is Bridlington, Scarborough, and Whitby. That coastline is to die for, and you’ll see why.

“I go to Knaresborough and up in The Moors, the Yorkshire Dales…everywhere, it’s just stunning. We’ve been to so many places.”

She asserts “the people definitely make Yorkshire special” and viewers can expect to meet a few of her celebrity friends along the way.

“I met Frazer Hines from Emmerdale which was lovely. I met Jonathan Linsley from Last of the Summer Wine and it was so lovely listening to their stories from filming all those years ago,” she added.

Showing her love for the soaps, she continued: “Emmerdale was called Emmerdale Farm when it first came out and it was literally filmed in a kitchen on the farm, that was it.

“Whereas now, they’ve got plane crashes and murders and it’s all very much dramatised now, but that’s once again how things evolve.”

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