James Martin throws fish at Holly Willoughby after dig about This Morning dish

James Martin throws fish at Holly Willoughby after dig about This Morning dish


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Holly Willoughby was gagging at the thought of having to eat James Martin's creation on This Morning.

The 40-year-old TV star had not been looking forward to the cooking segment on the ITV programme and couldn't even bare to look at the food on the counter.

Cringing at the thought of having to sample goods that she didn't like she turned to Philip Schofield while James wasn't looking to complain about the food on offer.

She said to co-star Phil: "Are you going to tell him or am I?

"I can't eat sardines or anchovies."

Gesturing to a large tub of fish, she said: "Look it's like a bushtucker trial."

Trying to help his pal out, Phil cut Holly a deal – offering to eat the tiny fish, leaving her with the just the prawns to eat.

Later on, James was not happy about the deal Phil had struck up with Holly and refused to cook the prawns.

Fuelling tension, Philip joked: "You should have heard what Holly was saying during the break about Sardines."

The mum-of-three hit back explaining her reasons for not enjoying the cuisines.

She said: "You spend more time taking bits out of your mouth than you do putting it in your mouth.

James responded telling her that he'd "de-boned" all of the sardines especially for Holly.

Insisting he wasn't cooking prawns, he added: "No, I'm doing Sardines, Sardines and more Sardines."

"What about if I just have cheesecake? asked Holly.

"You’re not having cheesecake until you’ve ate all of your plate," responded James.

As the screen cut to show the next programme Philip could be heard in the background highlighting what had happened behind the scenes.

He blurted: "He’s just thrown a sardine at Holly."

Holly screamed: "I can see all of it’s innards."

Meanwhile the TV star was made to try James' food and admitted she did actually like it.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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