Jacqueline Jossa shows off hair transformation and reveals simple reason she had to get the chop

Jacqueline Jossa shows off hair transformation and reveals simple reason she had to get the chop


JACQUELINE Jossa has shown off her hair transformation – revealing the simple reason why she had to get the chop.

The 28-year-old star admitted she'd undergone the makeover a few days ago but had only just had the opportunity to discuss it with her followers.

Filming on her Instagram Story, the actress exclaimed: "I feel we haven't really discussed the new hair – it's nothing too drastic but it is for me.

"It feels so much shorter, we've taken a lot off the length, I don't know if you can tell but it's actually a huge difference – it used to go way past my boob, now it's above the boob."

Swishing her sleek, trimmed tresses, Jacqueline also pointed out the highlights – which are noticeably darker than the golden blonde they used to be.

She explained: "We went slightly darker, but still keeping with the lighter tones."

Addressing why she decided to have such a drastic change, the busy working mum-of-two shared: "It's just so much easier for me to control and style."

Jac shares six-year-old Ella and three-year-old Mia with husband Dan Osborne.

Earlier this month, the brunette beauty showed off another dramatic makeover after she was trolled for "not making any effort".

The star had previously shared a screengrab of a private DM message from a cruel online troll that read: "Why don't you ever make an effort with yourself when you are at home?"

The woman scathingly added in response to her at-home story post: "You always look such a mess," to which Jac had simply replied: "Wow."

Hitting back later on, the star told fans: "People are funny, but she's not wrong, I don't make an effort when I'm at home in my pyjamas looking after two kids and two dogs.

"I don't wear make up 24-7, you're right. But f***ing hell, put it in your WhatsApp group – you don't have to message me hon.

"Calm yourself down, dust yourself off, pick yourself up and get on with your day," she concluded, trying to calm down."

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