Jack takes a violent revenge on Tiffany's rapist in EastEnders

Jack takes a violent revenge on Tiffany's rapist in EastEnders


Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) is taking the law into his own hands as he has come face to face with Tiffany Butcher’s (Maisie Smith) rapist Fraser after cornerning him for a violent showdown in EastEnders. Tiffany had previously made Jack agree to drop things with Fraser but when he was goaded by a carefree Fraser, who was as smug and cocky as ever, Jack decided that it was time for payback.

As he managed to get Fraser alone, Jack closed in and Fraser knew what was in store. But as Jack commits a violent assault against the young criminal, he could end up losing everything in the process – as a recent trailer proved that the actions will come back to haunt him.

As Jack is arrested for the serious attack, will he be facing prison for his actions? And how will Tiffany cope when she realises the extent her uncle has gone to in order to protect her?

It’s not the only problem facing Jack either. As he is distracted by taking bloody action against Fraser, Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite) continues to plot to steal his money from him – and made a phone call to Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) asking if she could move the cash she is about to transfer to an offshore account.

Is Jack about to lose his money and his freedom all at once? Or will Mel have a change of heart?

And, as he is later arrested, will the former officer be facing a bleak future behind bars?

EastEnders continues on Thursday 25th June at 9pm on BBC One.

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