Is This Is Us on tonight?

Is This Is Us on tonight?


AFTER five seasons of This Is Us, the upcoming sixth season will be the last viewers will be able to experience the Pearsons on-screen.

The series first premiered on September 20, 2016.

Is This Is Us on tonight?

The Pearsons will return for their sixth and last season of the successful NBC drama This Is Us on January 4, 2022 at 9pm ET.

The sixth and final season of the NBC series that resurrected the family drama will begin airing its last 18 episodes.

Season 5 was interrupted multiple times because of production delays this year during the coronavirus pandemic, and NBC confirmed to TVLine that the network decided to postpone season 6's launch to reduce the number of starts and pauses.

Though viewers will likely have fewer interruptions, This Is Us will have to take a break in February to air the 2022 Winter Olympics on NBC.

What will happen on season 6 of This Is Us?

During season 6, audiences can expect to learn the complete narrative of how Rebecca and Miguel met, eventually fell in love, and "found their way back to each other," according to show creator Dan Fogelman.

He also addressed the topic of whether Kate and Miguel are still alive in the future, despite their absence from the flash-forward scene at Kevin's house.

He also spoke on Kevin's love life, the chance that he may still end up with Madison – played by Caitlin Thompson – while reconnecting with his exes.

We've seen hints of a flash-forward sequence with a sick Rebecca laying on a bed at Kevin's house since the season 3 finale.

In April 2019, Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall on the show, said that this is the moment that the rest of the seasons will build toward.

Who is returning to the sixth season of This Is Us?

Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley, among other regular cast members, such as Caitlyn Thompson and Jon Huertas are among the cast members returning for the final season of This Is Us.

Dan Fogelman, the show's creator, talked about what to anticipate from the sixth season on the most upcoming episodes.

"The first couple of episodes are really just setting everybody up for a bit of a ride," Fogelman told People.

"It's kind of like the part of the rollercoaster where you're just ticking upwards," he said.

Fogelman concluded: "This isn't a season about a build. We're kind of setting the table for an ending, and it takes a moment to build that up."

How did This Is Us season 5 end?

WARNING: Spoilers from This Is Us season 5

The final scene of the popular series' season finale jumped four years ahead to show Kate on her second wedding day.

Ever since the shocking time-jump finale of season three, a seed had been planted that Kate and Toby might split up in the future.

That sad outcome for one of the couples at the heart of the show was confirmed in the final, time-jumping scene, as Kate is shown readying to marry a man that viewers barely know, her new boss Phillip, played by Chris Geere.

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Not only is Kate radiant in her wedding gown but her family members who appear in the flash-forward are also ecstatic about the union.

And even though Madison called off their wedding in the show's current timeline earlier in the finale episode, Kevin seemed to be genuinely pleased and flirting with her.

After building to a season finale focusing on Kevin and Madison's wedding, the present timeline concludes with Madison calling off the wedding, forcing Kevin to confront the truth that he loves the family they've made but not her.

Madison, on the other hand, tells Kevin that she deserves to marry someone who loves her as a person, not only as the mother of his children.

When Rebecca, Kate, and Randall console Kevin and contemplate what Jack would do in their current predicament, Rebecca assigns Kevin the task of constructing her the mansion Jack always wanted to build her in order to keep her now-sober son occupied.

This request takes the story full circle to the home seen in the season three finale, when the Pearson family gathered at the bedside of an old and sick Rebecca years later.

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