Is BBC's Harlots based on a true story?

Is BBC's Harlots based on a true story?


HARLOTS is back on the small screen as BBC bring back the 2017 drama.

It is a tale of debauchery and prostitution has often made fans wonder if the story is based on real life events.

Is BBC's Harlots based on a true story?

Although the exact plot is not a true story, it is kind of based on real life events.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, Harlots creators Alison Owens and Moira Buffini first began dreaming up the concept for the series when they read the 18th century "guide book" Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies.

The publication is a real-life directory of sex workers in London during the Georgian era, and it was edited and published regularly from 1757 to 1795.

The book is considered to be the ultimate resource for men looking to spend the evening with a sex worker.

It lists, shall we say, "colourful" descriptions of women and has proved to be the inspiration for Alison and Moira's hit series.

Furthermore, the show's creators and crew also worked hard to make as the series as Georgian era England as the could.

The scripts are written with 18th century language in mind, and the costumes are created based on archived portraits and old sketches documenting the era's fashions.

What is Harlots about?

Harlots is set in London in the the year 1763 where one in five women are selling their bodies.

It is inspired by Harris’s List Of Covent Garden Ladies, a debauched directory that acted as the yellow pages for prostitution in the 18th century.

With brothels on every corner, the drama focuses on one madam, Margaret Wells and her daughter Charlotte who become embroiled in a turf war with rival madam Lydia Quigley.

The eight-part series will be told from a "whore's eye view" and will feature a modern soundtrack as well as scenes of sex and violence.

It was inspired by a book called Harris's List of Convent Garden Ladies, a Yellow Pages-style directory that featured a list of prostitutes, their ages, price and sexual perversions.

And unusually for a drama series, the entire team of directors, writers and executive producers are women.

When is Harlots on TV?

The drama is airing on BBC Two TONIGHT (September 23).

The channel has bought the show from ITV and will be airing all three seasons.

The half-hour long episodes seven and eight will be shown from 9pm.

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