Inside Vicky Pattison's stunning new £1.5 million 'dream' house with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan

Inside Vicky Pattison's stunning new £1.5 million 'dream' house with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan


VICKY Pattison has finally bought her dream home – and it is envy inducing.

Earlier this week, the former Geordie Shore star confirmed she and her boyfriend Ercan Ramadan were moving out of the luxury flat into a stunning new home.

In first look pictures inside the property, it's easy to see why Vicky splashed out over £1 million to own it.

The house has five bedrooms, three bathrooms and three large reception rooms as well as a stylish kitchen.

The high specification includes solid white quartz work surfaces in the kitchen and under floor heating in the bathrooms.

Buzzing about her move on Instagram, Vicky, 33, shared a picture of her smiling happily on the doorstep and one of her with her arms outstretched.

She captioned the happy images: "Proper pinch me moment today as I went to see our new home & have a little walk through with our designer! It is just as beautiful as I remembered & I’m so excited to get our teeth in to decorating it & turning it in to our dream home.

"I’ve debated posting this as the last thing I want to do is come across as smug or bloody showing off- especially in a year that has presented so many hardships for so many people.

"But I’ve always been super honest on Instagram, showing the good as well as the bad- & it’s important for us to celebrate our wins as much as it is for us to own our losses. So here goes."

She continued: "I am not a flashy person, I don’t have fancy cars (predominantly because I can’t drive to be fair 😂), expensive watches don’t interest me & ostentatious shows of wealth have never been my cup of tea.

"I grew up understanding the importance of hard work & subsequently I respect what i earn & my goal has always been the same- I wanted to look after my family & friends & have a nice house.

"For years I was told that I wouldn’t amount to anything, I had agents tell me not to leave geordie shore- I’d be a fool to walk away- as there was nothing for me outside of that show, I had people tell me I’d never be in the jungle- they’d never put someone like you in there, boyfriends tell me I wasn’t good enough, I was told I’d never be able to do shows on channels like the BBC.

"I have been doubted, put down & told to stay in my lane- & the sad things is- If you are told anything enough, you start to believe it."

Vicky added the post was for anyone who has ever been doubted or put down, and that she hoped it would inspire people to be kinder to themselves and the best version of who they are each day.

She said: "If you work hard, be kind & put good things out there.. There is only one way your life will go guys 💕Remember, that little girls with dreams become women with vision.

"And there is no way you can stop a woman who knows what she wants in life & isn’t afraid to go for it. Here’s to all the dream chasers."

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