Inside Katie Price’s ever more extreme quest for UK’s biggest boobs – from real 32B chest to mega ‘2120 CC’ implants | The Sun

Inside Katie Price’s ever more extreme quest for UK’s biggest boobs – from real 32B chest to mega ‘2120 CC’ implants | The Sun


IF you’ve lost count, Katie Price is now on boob job number 16 – and she's showing no signs of stopping. 

The OnlyFans star has declared she wants to get the “biggest boobs in Britain”.

She recently flew to her favourite clinic in Belgium to have her already enormous breasts supersized once again.

"Katie is getting massive 2120 CC implants," revealed a source close to the star.

"She wants to have the biggest boobs in the country, and these will certainly set her on her way to that goal."

Katie gave fans a glimpse of the results when she posted pics of a night out on her Instagram stories.


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Breast implants are measured in cubic centimetres – or CCs for short. An E cup size usually required a 600 CC implant, so Katie is reportedly going for nearly triple that.

Here we take a look at the busty mum-of-five's 25-year quest for the biggest chest.

First boob job

Katie started modelling aged 16 and posed for Page 3 with a modest and natural 32B.

As she began to rake in the cash, she decided to ramp up her assets to a bigger size.

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She had her first £4,500 enlargement in 1998 aged 18, getting implants which took her up a cup to a 32C.

Gaining a cup size, the model clearly wasn’t satisfied with the look, and less than a year later she boosted them to a D.

Katie later suggested she went under the knife "too young", telling Newsnight in 2012: 'If I had my way, I think there should be an age limit for a start.

'I think they should up it to 21. I had my first boob job at 18 and realistically I think that's a bit too young.”

The F word

Katie's larger boob size was far more eye-catching and a year down the line, perhaps realising the notoriety it was giving her, and she decided to boost her bust even more.

Jumping up two more cup sizes to 32F in 2000, Katie finally reached her “ideal” breast size and kept them this way for the next seven years.

It was during this time she reached a career peak, renaming herself 'Jordan' before heading on I'm A Celebrity, where she met and later married Peter Andre, father to two of her children.

Going au naturel

Not satisfied with her buxom bust, Katie upped the ante again and went up a cup size in 2007 – boosting her boobs to a staggering 32G.

However, regret set in and it wasn’t long before she decided to reverse the treatment.

Going from one extreme to another, Katie returned to a more natural-looking size for a more demure look as she settled into life as a mum-of-three.

It was around this time that she tried to shake off her Jordan alter-ego and instead started going by her birth name.

She told The Mirror: “I don’t care that I’ve got scars, I’m proud of my body. 

“No one’s perfect. I’m proud of my caesarean scars, as that’s where my kids came from. 

"As for boobs, you’re going to get scars – they don’t bother me.”

Post-divorce boost

Katie returned to a 32F shortly in 2012, after her divorce from Alex Reid.

She remained this way for two years as she started dating Kieran Hayler, before revealing that he wasn't keen on her large chest, and she planned another reduction.

She told The Mirror: “[My boobs] are tiny. For the first time in 20 years. When I walk in a room people don’t look at my boobs, they look at my face.”

In 2015 Katie underwent surgery to remove an infected implant – and says she fell in love with her 32B chest.

She told The Sun: "I actually feel a lot more confident without my implants.

"I've grown up a lot and I'm in a different place now than I was 10 years ago, and it's nice to be natural."

Eleventh time's the charm

Katie claimed to have had her boobs done "11 times" in 2016, but took to Instagram to reveal she'd completed her "last mission" at Be Clinic, sharing a photo of what looked like her implants on a coffee table.

She captioned the image "successful" and later went on Loose Women to show off the results.

She told Ruth Langsford: "I've had good luck with my boobs now, they're now finally, after a year of one of them not repairing, done.

“I’m in love with them, the best boobs ever.”

Impulse boost

However, clearly missing her now iconic big bust, she later made a spur of the moment decision to up the size once again – despite saying she was done with surgery.

The star admits she decided to add to her chest big time with a staggering five size jump at a Brussels clinic in 2016. 

She claimed Kieran hated them and thought they were too big for her body, so she made plans to reduce them to a more “normal” size before her 40th birthday in 2018.

In the summer of 2019, Katie flew to Turkey to have her boobs reduced to a D cup and admitted she was excited to be able to wear clothes she didn't "look fat" in.

She also had her bum lift reversed and another face and eye lift at the same time – despite being warned not to so soon after her previous surgery.

She said: "If I'm honest with you, if there's no pain, there's no gain. The price of beauty is, sometimes you have to go through pain."

Correction surgery

Katie visited her favourite surgeon in Belgium at the end of 2020 to have yet more work done on her boobs.

She said the procedure was to correct previously 'botched' work, telling The Sun: “I had my boobs done in Turkey and they looked deformed, they were absolutely awful.”

In March last year, Katie revealed she'd had her 12th boob job, getting a pair of perky new implants.

The star went under the knife with Dr Frank Plovier, the Brussels surgeon behind much of Katie's cosmetic work.

In December, Katie underwent liposuction, had fat removed from her bum, and had a breast lift at her beloved BeClinic in Brussels.

She said: “My old implants – I have them in a bag – they were a thousand CC and, Jesus, when I hold them they were really heavy.

“I think I’ve got 795 in so that is a lot smaller and they feel smaller. I’m so excited."

'Biggest yet'

Katie flaunted the results of her 14th boob operation in photos in Thailand in March this year – but her family were reportedly "horrified".

Her loved ones were said to be "disappointed" with doctors in Brussels who agreed to carry out the surgery.

A source told The Mirror: "It's getting really silly now and more than a little irresponsible. Everyone’s quite horrified, to be honest."

Her mum Amy Price previously admitted Katie "doesn’t need" to go under the knife, adding: "She doesn’t tell me now because she knows I'll go ballistic."

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This month she had a 16th procedure – said to be her “biggest ever” boob job – once again in Belgium. 

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