Inside Kate Lawler's grand London home with stunning original features and TWO bidets

Inside Kate Lawler's grand London home with stunning original features and TWO bidets


KATE Lawler has given fans a tour of her grand new London home- showing off her TWO bidets.

Former Big Brother winner Kate, who is expecting her first baby, decided to shoot an 'MTV Cribs' style film after moving into the gorgeous pad.

The video starts with Kate, 40, declaring: "Welcome to my crib!"

She then walks through the Victorian property while a pal followers her with a camera.

Downstairs, Kate shows off her huge open plan living room/ diner. Focusing on the dining table, she admits: "As you can see, this is slightly too small but we will be replacing it with a bigger model."

Kate goes on to tell fans about her original fireplace and gives a peak at a paint tester patch on the wall.

She explains: "I know you might be thinking it's a bit dark but, do you know what, I just fancy a change!"

After showing off a "disgusting" smelling storage cupboard, she bolts up the stairs to the first floor and shouts: "I just love how long my hallway is!"

With the help of her dog Shirley, Kate walks into her utility room but admits that she and fiancé Martin will "eventually do it up".

The next room on Kate's tour is Martin's office, which she says will be painted British Racing Green with a burned orange bookcase, and a big wooden desk.

Kate then heads to the bathroom, which she describes as "eccentric". Hoping into a blue bath, she says: "I won't be keeping it this colour, because I'm not a fan of Royal Blue baths."

Next up is Kate's first bidet, which she sits on for good effect. She tells her fans: "Not that I ever do wash my bum hole in bidets, but if I wanted to I would."

Kate, who announced her pregnancy in September, jumps into the baby's room next, which was painted dark red by the previous owners. There is another original fireplace, with a marble-effect surround.

Heading into another huge bedroom, which features a huge bay window, Kate climbs in one of the built-in wardrobes.

On the second floor, Kate reveals she has a second family bathroom.

The giant shower can fit FOUR adults, while the room is also home to her second bidet. She says: "Again, another bidet. Not that I ever have washed my bum in one, but if I wanted to, I could."

Kate's bathroom also have eaves storage, which she plans to "keep Christmas decorations in".

The master bedroom sits on the same floor at the top of the house with far-reaching views.

Jumping onto the bed, Kate holds up her pregnancy pillow, which she admits is "covered in fake tan". She then demonstrates how she sleeps with it at night.

Kate's master bedroom also boasts a walk-in wardrobe, although she doesn't hang around in there for too long, claiming it is "a mess".

Towards the end of Kate's 'Cribs' video, she realises she has not shown off her kitchen so races back down the stairs.

Once in the modern room, she lies on the floor to demonstrate its under-floor heating before showing off her DOUBLE dishwasher.

"You haven't seen anything like this," she says, before opening the bottom level. Kate continues: "Not got a lot of stuff to wash? Pop it in there."

Kate then opens the top tier of the dishwasher, explaining that section is for a "big wash". The star admits her "mind is blown" by the concept.

Although she doesn't give a tour of the garden, a glimpse through huge glass doors reveals a patio area and lawn.

Kate finishes the five-minute tour with a close-up of Shirley and her fellow mutt Baxter, asking: "Do you feel happy in your new home?"

Since winning Big Brother in 2002, Kate has gone on to forge a successful career as a DJ.

But after getting engaged to Marin in 2018, the couple's wedding has been postponed until next due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This, however, kickstarted their decision to try for a baby.

Kate, who is due in February, recently told Hello! magazine: "When we rebooked it for the following year, a few of our friends and family said we could have a baby between now and then. I laughed.

"But then I turned 40 in May and suddenly I felt grown up and like I was ready for something and I didn't know what it was.

"We realised we would have to start trying straight away to avoid having a newborn at the wedding. So we did. We gave it one shot. And it happened!"

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