Im A Celebs Kadeena Cox confronts cheating ex in resurfaced BBC show clip

Im A Celebs Kadeena Cox confronts cheating ex in resurfaced BBC show clip


I’m A Celebrity contestant Kadeena Cox publicly confronted her cheating ex on the BBC Three dating show Eating With My Ex who “lost count” of how many times he had betrayed the Paralympian.

The 30-year-old took part in the popular dating show with her former flame Tes McFly back in January 2020 as she prepared to dominate the track field in the Tokyo Olympics that summer.

She first met the 35-year-old photographer when they were both in their teens and rekindled their relationship shortly after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2014.

During the BBC show, the athlete recalled how they rekindled their relationship shortly after her diagnosis because “he obviously still has some love in his heart for me”.

One of the qualities that drew her to Tes was his kindness in addition to the fact that it was easier for her to date someone knowing he wasn’t just there because of her success.

However, their relationship came to an end after a friend told her that Tes had moved in with another woman while they were dating.

After more than four and a half years apart the pair agreed to meet up again to set the record straight following numerous allegations of cheating.

On the show, the photographer confessed he had cheated on the Paralympian multiple times and explained how he led a double life both times they had dated.

He told viewers at home: “I would say Kadeena’s sport does come first and boyfriend second [and] that’s why I treated you so bad.”

To which she quickly responded: “Don’t even come at me with that.

“This is why we always ended up in these situations, because you’re the one in the wrong yet you still try to make me feel bad about it.”

It comes after the professional athlete spoke candidly about her health battle with MS on I’m A Celeb.

She admitted that she gets “embarrassed” about using her wheelchair as she feels like people think that she doesn’t need to use it as she can walk.

The star opened up about the struggles that come with her disability, including the spasms and fatigue she gets with the Telegraph on Friday night on the ITV show.

Kadeena explained: “MS is an autoimmune condition which is impacting your central nervous system, so your brain and your spinal cord.

“That’s showcased by me having a lot of muscle spasms, I get weakness, and loss of control in my legs and arms, and then I also struggle with my speech.”

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