Im A Celeb fans in tears as David gets emotional reading Dannys family letter

Im A Celeb fans in tears as David gets emotional reading Dannys family letter


I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! fans were left in tears David Ginola got emotional reading Danny Miller’s letter from home despite missing out on his own family letter.

During Monday’s instalment of the popular ITV reality show, the contestants were asked to partner up and tasked with remembering an individual WiFi password which was assigned to their partner.

Throughout the day, Kiosk Cledwyn called the main camp and read out a six-digit code made up of letters, numbers and symbols.

Each celebrity needed to remember the code until they were asked to input the password into the computer with three chances to enter it correctly.

If they got it right, they won their partner’s letter from home, but if they incorrectly entered the code three times, their partner missed out of the family message.

But things soon got emotional when Danny Miller incorrectly entered the WiFi code three times for his close friend David Ginola’s family letter.

The Emmerdale star failed to hold back the tears after he failed the challenge as he begged for his camp buddy to forgive him for his mistake.

During the challenge, David Ginola and Adam Woodyatt learnt they wouldn’t receive their letters from home after Danny Miller and Kadeena Cox failed to enter the code correctly.

In the Telegraph, Danny whimpered: I’m just gutted, I feel so selfish because he remembered mine and I couldn’t remember his.

“I was so confident with it, I was literally so confident. I don’t know how I got an A mixed up with an underscore. It doesn’t make sense.

The pair held each other in a loving embrace as David reassured him: “Look at me in my eyes. I don’t need to read a letter to know that my girlfriend loves me, OK?

“Listen, it’s fine. I promise you. It's absolutely fine. I don’t want to see you in that state.”

When it came to read out each other’s letters, David had to choke back the tears as he read his pal’s letter.

He said: “Dear Daddy, it’s Steph and Albert here. He recognises your voice on the telly and looks up at it when he hears you.

“I really think he looks more and more like you every day. We all love watching your relationship with David blossom. Thank you David for looking after our boy.

He continued tearfully: “Finally, remember what I tell you every day, you are strong, you are wise … we feel extra lucky to call you ours.

“You are our daddy, our only daddy, you make us happy when skies are grey. My first ever love and my last.”

After he finished reading out the emotional letter, David walked away from the group as he tried to collect himself.

Danny quickly followed after him and the pair gave each other a loving embrace as David whispered: “I’m proud of you, it was beautiful. They love you so much.”

The former sportsman caught up with viewers a little later on in the Telegraph and explained: “I try to control most of the time my emotions, but sometimes it’s good to let them go.”

I'm A Celebrity airs nightly on ITV and ITV Hub at 9pm

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