I wouldnt tolerate it! MasterChef viewers blast odd format change

I wouldnt tolerate it! MasterChef viewers blast odd format change


Masterchef: Contestant cries over judges' praise of father's dish

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John Torode and Gregg Wallace returned for the fifth and final round of auditions as nine budding cooks battled it out for a MasterChef apron. However, early on in the instalment, viewers noticed an “odd” feature of the audition process that wasn’t present in previous seasons of the BBC show.

At the start of this current series, John and Gregg explained they had introduced a brand new audition round.

In each episode, nine cooks took it in turns of three to prepare their signature dish. 

While the first three contestants rustled up their creations, the second batch of budding cooks watched on while John and Gregg remained out of sight. 

Then, the final three contestants watched as the second set of contestants began to cook before taking on the challenge themselves. 

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As each trio of contestants prepared their dish, the other contestants spurred them on with words of encouragement. 

However, MasterChef viewers took to Twitter to share their confusion at the new setup.

@ohdomeafavour tweeted: “Don’t think much to this new #masterchef – contestants just causally chatting and interviewing each other! Very odd.”

“NOT that I would ever go on #MasterChef – I would not tolerate the new format. Imagine Derek from Hull heckling ‘you’re two minutes over, mate’ while you’re trying to plate up. T**t off,” @kasiakatie commented.

@RussCollibobs added: “I can’t be the only one that doesn’t like this new #MasterChef setup where the supposed amateur chefs (think some of them are ringers) sit commentating on the others dishes while Greg & John sit next door.”

“Please drop the faux camaraderie between contestants, this is #MasterChefUk not ‘Deal or No Deal’. #MasterChef,” @GaffInspector observed. 

@LadyLemur remarked: “I assume it’s a covid restriction thing but I’m very not in favour of this #MasterChef format with three cooks awkwardly watching the others from high stools, like Westlife waiting for a key change.”

“Ok I missed the first round in the last lot of #masterchef – what’s the deal with the 3 hype guys on stools? Is there a key change to stand up on? I’m rather confused,” @NotesFromFarm quipped. (sic)

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Once all nine contestants had served John and Greg their savoury signature dish, three talented cooks were given aprons. 

Mark, Dean and Martin thoroughly impressed the MasterChef judges. 

The remaining six contestants were asked to prepare a sweet signature dish.

John and Gregg had four aprons left to dish out meaning two contestants would be set home at the end of the final round of auditions. 

Farokh, Radah, Hannah and Angela were chosen as the remaining contenders. 

MasterChef continues on Thursday where the seven budding cooks face Market Challenge. 

They’ll be asked to invent a dish on the spot for John and Greg before being asked by a food critic to cook a dish inspired by a read-made food item.

At the end of the instalment, four contestants will make it through to the quarter-final.

MasterChef continues on BBC One on Thursday at 8pm.

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