I would never date a vegan before marrying Jenna in Married At First Sight – now I've given up meat, says Zoe Clifton | The Sun

I would never date a vegan before marrying Jenna in Married At First Sight – now I've given up meat, says Zoe Clifton | The Sun


MEAT-EATING Married At First Sight star Zoe Clifton and her vegan partner Jenna Robinson clashed over their opposing diets during the show.

But six months on they're the last couple standing from the series and hold hopes of having a real, legally binding, wedding in the future.

Zoe has now taken the bold step of becoming a vegan – for January at least – something that would have been unthinkable to her this time last year.

In an exclusive interview with the Sun to promote Asda's vegan OMV! range, Zoe admitted she wouldn't have considered dating a vegan before being blindly matched with Jenna.

And she's not the only one, with new research suggesting one in 10 people hold the same attitude when it comes to the idea of finding love with a vegan.

Jenna even revealed she occasionally gets steak emojis sent to her from disparaging trolls online.


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Zoe said: "I'm hoping people open their eyes a bit more, there's so much more to a vegan."

Jenna continued: "It's not just seeing vegans in a different light, it's more so reminding ourselves that if you are someone who wants to continue eating meat and dairy and all that stuff and just to be able to cut it down and still have those foods… it doesn't matter what you eat, this is food for everybody.

"When people do end up trying these things, some people end up thinking 'I prefer these'… Just give them a go and see if you like them."

The OMV! range now has over 80 new plant-based products including macaroni cheese, hot and spicy no-chicken burgers and bean burgers.

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When it comes to the unusual way their relationship started, Zoe and Jenna have nothing but happy memories – but admit they never felt like they were each other's wife.

Jenna explained: "We're not legally married, and I never felt like we were. I definitely feel the process makes you take the relationship a lot more seriously and having the help of the experts… if you can survive that process it sets a firm foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

"We discuss potentially getting married in the future and i'm sure that'll happen one day."

Zoe described the process as a relationship in reverse, saying: "You have to face all the issues normal couples don't face until one or two years down the line.

"Once you get to the end of that, if you do, you get the exciting dating stuff to look forward to."

Not everyone on the show had such a happy experience, and the couple do have sympathy for their unlucky in love co-stars.

Zoe said: "It's sad really that more couples didn't walk away together. I think it's an overwhelming amount of pressure when you first leave the show and the run up to it being on TV.

"I think if more couples had pushed through that they'd potentially still be together."

Throughout January, customers who spend £5 on vegan own-brand products (OMV! and Plant Based by Asda) can also earn £1 back in their cash pot in the Asda Rewards app.

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