How Old Was Stephanie at the End of 'Full House'?

How Old Was Stephanie at the End of 'Full House'?


She was a dancer and a singer. In the Netflix spinoff series Fuller House, she was a mother. Stephanie Tanner was a character from Full House, portrayed by actor Jodie Sweetin.

How old was the middle child in this sitcom? Here’s what we know about Stephanie Tanner and the actor behind this character. 

Stephanie Tanner appeared as the middle child on ‘Full House’

She’s Stephanie Tanner and she’s here to stay. Stephanie was the middle child on this series, with a younger sister named Michelle and an older sister named DJ. Throughout this series, the character grew up alongside the other Tanner family members. 

She became the only Tanner sister attending her school. She had her first kiss and the first pair of glasses. This character even showcased her dancing and singing skills on television and with her friends. 

How old was Stephanie Tanner when she first appeared on ‘Full House’?

She’s the middle child, but Stephanie was always the star of her family. According to Full House Fandom, during season 1 of this series, the character Stephanie Tanner was about 5 or 6 years old. 

During the eighth and final season of Full House, Stephanie Tanner appeared as a 13-year-old. As a teenager, she dealt with peer pressure at school and eventually befriended the school’s bully, Gia. 

Stephanie Tanner at the time of the first season was 5 years old. At the time, she attended Kindergarten and dealt with the loss of her mother. As the show progressed, this character grew up alongside her two sisters. 

Jodie Sweetin returned for the Netflix original series ‘Fuller House’

This actor returned as an adult for Netflix’s spinoff series that takes place in this San Fransisco house. A few years have passed since fans last saw the Tanner siblings. During season 1 of this series, DJ Tanner appeared as a mother of three.

DJ lived in her childhood home with Stephanie Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler. Sweetin reprised her role as Stephanie Tanner in Fuller House. According to Screenrant, this character was 34 years old during the first season of this spinoff.

“The show is so well-loved,” Sweetin said during an interview with the Chicago Tribune. “My kids are seven and five and watch the show. They think it’s hilarious to see their mom as a kid doing silly stunts and dance moves on the show.”

“They come to the set now and are so excited to see me doing it again,” the actor continued. “They’ve known the cast their whole lives from barbecues, birthday parties, and swimming.”

Episodes of Full House featuring the character Stephanie Tanner are available for streaming on Hulu, while episodes of the spinoff Fuller House are available exclusively on Netflix.

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