Hilaria Baldwin ‘aggressively yelled’ at ‘traumatized’ yoga student after he sued her for gruesome injury at her studio

Hilaria Baldwin ‘aggressively yelled’ at ‘traumatized’ yoga student after he sued her for gruesome injury at her studio


HILARIA Baldwin allegedly “aggressively” confronted a man who sued her after he sliced his leg open during her “overpacked” yoga class, The Sun can exclusively reveal. 

The incident took place years before Alec Baldwin’s wife would find herself in hot water due to an ongoing scandal of fans accusing the fitness instructor of “faking” her Spanish heritage. 

In 2013, Spencer Wolff – then 32-years-old – filed a lawsuit against Hilaria, 36, as well as her studio, Yoga Vida, following a gruesome injury that resulted in over 40 stitches during a class she instructed. 

Although the attorney and entrepreneur was unable to speak publicly on the matter due to a NDA as part of the suit settlement, his friend – who was present throughout the legal battle – exclusively spoke to The Sun about the 2013 incident. 

Zev Starr-Tambor said he introduced Spencer to Hilaria’s class at Yoga Vida after taking it himself for around five years. 

“One night, Spencer calls me from the hospital. He had fallen through a window at the studio and badly cut his leg,” Zev told The Sun. 

According to an eyewitness at the time, blood had gushed "everywhere."

The New York based photographer – who snapped a portrait of his own of Hilaria and Alec – continued: “He was at Hilaria’s class and was very badly injured and didn’t have health insurance at the time so he asked if the studio would cover the medical bills and they declined and said 'you’re on your own.'”

Zev explained that the popular instructor’s classes were typically always crowded from wall to wall.

“It was overpacked. If you did downward dog, your feet would be in someone’s face.

“This particular studio has a glass of wall windows and it’s a packed class so [Spencer] was in the corner doing a handstand. 

“He was too close to the window and fell. His left leg got kicked through the window by accident and he got 40 stitches on his leg. 

“To this day, he still has trouble running and surfing.”

Zev went on to say that following the incident, both Hilaria and Alec met with Spencer at the hospital and initially were both helpful, although “horrified.”

However, once Spencer requested the studio cover hospital expenses, things began to get ugly.  

“When he asked for the medical bills to be covered, that’s when things went bad. They did not offer Spencer anything after the incident,” he alleged.

The pair eventually reached an undisclosed settlement after Spencer obtained attorneys but Zev claimed the amount “barely” covered the medical expenses. 

In the aftermath of the nasty legal battle, Spencer and Zev continued to see Hilaria and husband Alec as they all four live in the small town of Amagansett near the Hamptons. 

Zev alleged while he was walking with Spencer a couple years ago, Hilaria approached them on the street and “called Spencer out.”

He said: “She just came up to us and completely got in Spencer’s face and yelled ‘I know who you are and you traumatized me!’ 

“It was completely aggressive. He froze and let the wrath sort of pass and said ‘I didn’t want to traumatize you, I just got hurt. Look at my scar.’ But she continued berating him." 

Zev also alleged that Alec and Hilaria’s social media base were livid when the lawsuit hit and fans went "completely nuts on Spencer," including sending online "death threats."

“He’s still traumatized. There’s one place in town everyone goes to for lunch where we’ve seen them before. 

“So now when we go there, Spencer will ask me to go check and see if those guys are there. He’s literally traumatized.”

Hilaria has been facing mass backlash the past week as people accused the mom-of-five of “faking” her heritage after it was revealed she was born in Boston – not Spain as previously claimed. 

She has even been filmed speaking with an accent – something Zev said was common when she taught yoga. 

He added: “I took her classes for years and she always did her yoga classes in what I assumed was a Spanish or European accent. 

“She always spoke that way and there was no question about her accent in my mind at the time because why would there be?”

Though both Hilaria and her 62-year-old husband have defended their past statements, the outrage has continued online leading the couple to take a social media break. 

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