Has Tracy forgotten that Amy killed her dad Frank in Emmerdale?

Has Tracy forgotten that Amy killed her dad Frank in Emmerdale?


Emmerdale fans have been left scratching their heads after Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) spoke to Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and seemed to have forgotten that Amy killed Tracy’s dad Frank.

Back in 2019, Amy and her mum Kerry (Laura Norton) started a fire in the sweet factory by accident after stealing charity money to pay off their debts.

After getting the cash, Kerry realised they would be caught on CCTV, so she tried to fix the situation. However, they weren’t aware that after setting fire to the evidence, it led to the whole building catching fire, which led to Tracy’s dad dying after getting caught up in the fire.

Tracy figured out Kerry had something to do with her dad’s death when she saw Kerry had her dad’s keyring in her pocket.

Kerry and Amy started to blackmail Tracy and eventually, they stopped talking to each other.

During Tuesday’s (January 26) episode of Emmerdale, Tracy bumped into Amy and acted as though nothing had ever happened between them. Last week, Amy and Tracy put their differences aside when Tracy thought she was suddenly about to give birth.

In the episode, Tracy said thanks to Amy for helping her, and was civil with her, leaving many viewers wondering whether Tracy had forgiven Amy for what happened to her dad.

Emmerdale fans took to Twitter to express their views, with one person saying ‘Tracy has totally forgiven Amy just like that really? What about her poor Dad?’

Will this conversation creep up again? Or has Tracy really forgiven Amy?

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