Grace star John Simms admits detective in the dog house as he returns for new episodes

Grace star John Simms admits detective in the dog house as he returns for new episodes


Grace: Trailer for season 2 of ITV detective drama

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ITV crime drama Grace returned for season two last weekend with its first 120-minute feature Looking Good Dead. With DSI Roy Grace (played by John Simm) not in his superior’s good books, he still decides to follow his unorthodox methods in the new outing but chooses not to go quite as far as before – after all, he does enjoy his job and doesn’t want to lose it. 

Brighton-based detective Roy lands in a spot of bother in the show’s first season when he seeks advice and guidance from medium Harry Frame (Adrian Rawlins) with a case. 

The friend and clairvoyant of Roy also makes an appearance in season two, but fans will remember his fellow police officers did not look highly upon him for using the supernatural source for help.

Opening up about the new series and what viewers can expect, Simm said: “Well, he is in the doghouse because of the medium.

“He is waiting for the results of the trial [season one], and it could go either way, really, and ACC Alison Vosper (Rakie Ayola) is on him, so it’s pretty precarious.”

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Speaking to and other press, Simm and Richie Campbell, who plays DS Glenn Branson, spoke about the hot water that Roy is in as he enters this season.

Glenn is both Roy’s friend and partner on the beat, and he finds his tactics to be very frustrating and confusing at times.

Campbell said: “Definitely [frustrated], especially after the medium debacle.

“He just doesn’t understand why he is doing it. The history of them, he knows he is a good cop, so to go and find another extra outlet to do it is a no-no.”

The opening episode of the new season, Looking Good Dead, sees Grace and Branson investigating the sudden death of a former schoolteacher.

The body is found in suspicious circumstances in a respectable Brighton backwater, and it may not be the drugs overdose that they think it initially is.

As the episode progresses, the pair discovers human remains in a Sussex crop field, leading them into a bigger case than expected.

Events that unfold in the first outing have a bigger impact later down the line.

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Launching in March 2021, fans were excited to hear there was a second season, with many of the cast receiving messages online asking for more details about Grace.

On the show’s popularity, Simm shared: “I was thrilled! It was exactly as we hoped and prayed it would be, and hopefully the audience is ready for more now. 

“Of course, I was nervous because we’re adapting a really popular series of books – I’m a huge reader and sometimes I don’t watch TV adaptations because I love the book so much and I just want a certain image to stay in my head. 

“But we are working so closely with Peter James to bring the books to life, and hopefully fans will continue to be happy with what we’ve done.”

Clocking up a lot of screen time with Campbell, the star added: “The lovely thing with Grace and Branson is that they are genuinely best friends, and it really comes across. 

“Their relationship is tested simply because Grace cares for him – something happens that Roy feels guilty about, even though it’s not his fault. 

“He’s worried about Glenn’s mental health because he changes as a result of this event. 

“His wife is quite worried about it, so she asks Grace to keep an eye on him. But fundamentally, they’re just a great partnership and I’ve got a great relationship with Richie too, the cards landed right in the casting. And the more we do, the better it will get.”

Grace Looking Good Dead is available to stream on ITV Hub.

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