'Gilmore Girls': The Worst Advice Lane Kim Ever Gave

'Gilmore Girls': The Worst Advice Lane Kim Ever Gave


Gilmore Girls sidekick, Lane Kim, is beloved by fans for several reasons. The renegade with dreams of rock stardom was quirky, funny, and, often, wise beyond her years. While Lane often gave her best friend, Rory Gilmore and others, sage advice, there were more than a few times when she missed the mark. Do you remember the worst advice she ever doled out? 

Lane had no backbone when Rory slept with Dean 

When Rory slept with her married ex-boyfriend, Dean Forrester, she specifically asked Lane what she thought about the situation. Lane mentioned that Dean loved Rory, implying that everything was on the up-and-up because of that. Even after Rory mentioned Dean’s marriage to Lindsay Lister, Lane was completely indifferent. Instead of telling Rory that Lindsay and Dean’s marriage was a massive issue she needed to deal with, she tried to send her back to Lorelai for advice, claiming she at least had “experience.” 

Sure, Lane was relatively inexperienced with love. She had never had sex and was in her first relationship at the time. Still, someone like Lane surely would know that Rory and Dean’s affair was not only wrong but massively problematic. Instead of Lane telling Rory to leave it alone and not speak to Dean again, she was completely wishy-washy. 

Lane seemed completely cool with Rory dropping out of Yale 

Lane was great for Rory in many ways, but she took her “sidekick” role seriously. Whenever Rory was going astray, Lane stood idly by. The rebellious teen did some bold things, but she couldn’t stand up to Rory and offer her the advice she needed. Instead of telling Rory that dropping out of school was a massive overreaction, she just went along with it. 

In fact, Lane didn’t even mention the fact that Rory bowed out of a prestigious Ivy League education. When Rory eventually went back to school, she seemed indifferent, too. While Lane didn’t want to upset Rory, old friends should tell each other when the decisions they are making are completely wrong. 

Lane advising Kyon to defy Mrs. Kim was bad advice 

After Lane flew the coop, Mrs. Kim accepted an exchange student into her home. Kyon was, in many ways, the exact type of child Mrs. Kim had hoped for. She was deeply religious, studious, and an ardent rule follower. Instead of letting things be, Lane felt the needed to advise Kyon on all of the ways to break Mrs. Kim’s rules. 

While some fans argue that Kyon wanted a normal teenage experience, was that really true? Kyon and Lane’s first real conversation happened when Kyon went in and said she was hungry. Lane, seeing an in, offered Kyon multiple ways to break the rules without her asking. Lane advising the teen to defy Mrs. Kim was just plain wrong. In short, Kyon and Mrs. Kim’s relationship wasn’t Lane’s business, and she only seemed to meddle in it because she could. 

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