’Get a grip!’ GB News’ Dan Wootton blasts Boris Johnson over fuel crisis response

’Get a grip!’ GB News’ Dan Wootton blasts Boris Johnson over fuel crisis response


GB News: Dan Wootton criticises blaming Brexit for HGV shortage

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Boris Johnson has been criticised by GB News presenter Dan Wootton after his response to the ongoing fuel crisis in the UK. The Prime Minister recently suggested the situation was improving, but Wootton wasn’t impressed. Speaking on his show, the GB News host blasted Johnson, claiming the public had lost confidence in his leadership.

The GB News presenter hit out at the Prime Minister, saying his “ongoing silence” is unacceptable.

He made it clear he wanted to see Johnson set out some plans to get the UK out of the current fuel supply problem.

Wootton began by insisting there were big problems in the UK: “Let’s get this straight, there is a crisis.

“It’s not a fuel crisis, the country has enough of that as we’ve been telling you all week on GB News. But, it is a crisis in confidence.

“I think, a crisis in confidence of our leadership. A crisis of confidence in our mainstream media.

“A crisis in confidence as to whether Brexit has been properly delivered because our independence from the EU should’ve allowed us to get ahead of the international shortage of HGV drivers.

“And proof that 18 months of the debilitating cycle of psychological terror and lockdown and unusual way of living has taken a real toll on the British psyche,” the presenter fumed.

Wootton went on to explain he’d detailed his criticisms of the Prime Minister further in an article online.

He said: “I’ve addressed the fact that Boris Johnson needs to get a grip in a column today for the Mail Online.”

Reading out a segment from his piece, Wootton said: “Your citizens have left petrol stations up and down the country dry despite your ministers insisting there is no shortage of fuel.

“Why? Because we’re scared. Because we’ve started to lose faith in government messaging over the past 18 months, with screeching u-turns at the last minute often without a shred of evidence to back up why.

“Sitting back and sending out a string of incompetent morons from your weak cabinet to do your bidding seemingly without any insight or any facts is a dereliction of duty.

“Where is the strategic plan to assure the public there isn’t any need to panic buy?” he said.

The presenter continued to blast the politician, suggesting he’d not done enough to deal with the ongoing fuel issues.

He added: “Hoping that all of this will quietly fade away once every tank has been filled shows that you are either very naive or completely bonkers.”

As a result, Wootton insisted it was time for Johnson to set out some clear plans for the future of the country.

He said: “It is time for Boris Johnson to prove to a very worried and actually a very understandably worried nation that Number 10 Downing Street has a clear plan to get us out of this quagmire.

“Ongoing silence without providing the British public with a plan is unacceptable,” he concluded.

GB News kicks off with the Great British Breakfast on weekdays at 6am.

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