'General Hospital' Weekly Recap: A Lot of Awkward Crying

'General Hospital' Weekly Recap: A Lot of Awkward Crying


Let’s give it up for the cast of General Hospital this week. They brought all the awkward crying in the wake of Jason Morgan’s death (or, Steve Burton’s firing, take your pick). Special shoutout to Laura Wright’s Carly, who really had to bring the tears after yet another husband of hers “kicked the bucket.” But hey, if Sonny turned out to be not-dead, there’s still a chance that Jason might resurface. (Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Jason washed up in Nixon Falls, with no memory of who he was, and fell madly in love with Maxie? Just saying — it’s been done before.) Morgan drama aside, General Hospital also had the most awkward Thanksgiving in history. If you think your family is bad, you haven’t spent a holiday with the Cassadines.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for this past week’s episodes of General Hospital are ahead.]

On ‘General Hospital,’ the tears were flowing for Jason’s death

What a week this was for full-blown drama on General Hospital. The tears were definitely flowing over Jason’s death. Everyone from Sonny to Drew was beside themselves about it.

But special shoutout to Laura Wright’s Carly, who really had to turn on the waterworks as a second husband in just as many years bit the dust. If folks in Port Charles didn’t know any better, they’d probably think Carly was killing all the men she marries like some black widow spider. Alas, this is General Hospital and not Investigation Discovery, and so here we are watching her weep like a baby.

But the actors seem to be in on the campy joke, according to Daytime Confidential, because this exchange actually happened. “They commiserate about how both Sonny and Jason have returned before,” reported the outlet. “Carly explains to Sonny how she never believed he was dead after the bridge collapse. Carly admits she wants to believe the same thing about Jason. She can’t give up hope on Jason because she’s known him as long as he’s been Jason.”

Gotta love it!

Valentin said good-bye to baby ‘Bailey’

Meanwhile, according to SoapHub, Valentin said goodbye to baby ‘Bailey’ (who is really baby Louise) on the Friday, December 3 episode of General Hospital. Talk about dragging it out to no end!

At this point, everyone in Port Charles knows that Valentin isn’t the father of Brook Lynn’s baby. Of course, what hangs in the air is how many people know that Brook Lynn isn’t the mother of Brook Lynn’s baby. And no, we don’t think this is the last time “father and daughter” see one another. But that said, Maxie certainly looked like she was going to dig a hole and crawl in it from mortification.

A visit from her mother just might be what the doctor ordered.

It’s a very Cassadine Thanksgiving!

If you think your family is dysfunctional, just wait until you see Soaps.com‘s recap of General Hospital and a very Cassadine Thanksgiving. Nothing warms your heart like seeing a family filled with criminals zing at one another, which is exactly how every family gathering should be. But it’s good to get a little break with a lot of turkeys before they all go back to murder, kidnapping, and mind control…you know, the way General Hospital hopes things will always be.

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