Gabby and Laurel fight over Kit in Emmerdale as he has sex with them both?

Gabby and Laurel fight over Kit in Emmerdale as he has sex with them both?


Oh, Kit (Thoren Ferguson). We had such hopes for Emmerdale’s dashing physiotherapist after he came to the village to help with Marlon (Mark Charnock)’s rehabilitation. He was good at his job, kind, patient – and, in Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy)’s word, ‘fit.’

Still recovering from having her heart broken several times over by Jai (Chris Bisson), Laurel jumped at the chance to move on romantically with handsome Kit and it wasn’t long before Jai was heartbroken himself when he spotted them kissing.

But in upcoming episodes we’re going to see another side to Kit – or ‘Chris’ as he’s known on dating apps. Yes, Kit is still on the apps despite being in a relationship with Laurel, and when he matches with Gabby (Rosie Bentham) he doesn’t hesitate.

Creepy Kit has no qualms about seeing both Laurel and Gabby at the same time, and even resorts to some fast talking when Laurel almost catches him out.

After a romantic meal with Laurel things are getting a little bit steamy, but then a message appears on Kit’s phone from Gabby and he leaves Laurel, to leg it to Home Farm for his next romantic meal of the night. And it’s not long before Gabby is leading him upstairs.

How will Laurel and Gabby react when they discover they’ve both been seeing the same man? Kit is going to need all those calories from the romantic dinners to run as far and fast from Emmerdale as he can possibly manage.

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