Freeze the Fear viewers blast bizarre format – Am I missing something?

Freeze the Fear viewers blast bizarre format – Am I missing something?


Freeze The Fear: Gabby and Alfie take on the cold showers

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Eight celebrities have taken the plunge to push their bodies to the limits in the newest BBC survival series, Freeze the Fear. Led by Dutch motivational speaker and extreme athlete Wim Hof who is world-renowned for his arctic style condition lifestyle and hosted by Lee Mack and Holly Willoughby, the celebrities face freezing cold showers in the newest instalment of the show.

The famous participants involved in the first of its kind show are Patrice Evra, Gabby Logan, Alfie Boe, Tamzin Outhwaite, Owain Wyn Evans, Dianne Buswell, Professor Green and Chelcee Grimes.

Each contestant will face a series of challenges throughout the show designed to push their minds and bodies as far as they can.

In the most recent outing, their first challenge was all about the benefits of cold showers.

Breaking the news to the celebrities, Holly said: “Are you ready for your next challenge?”

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Comedian Lee prepared them to be “introduced to their first cold shower.”

The famous names stepped into a cold 12-degree show for 15 seconds in pairs.

This segment took up a long chunk of time during the show, which prompted many viewers to share their thoughts and frustrations.

Viewer Andy Smith tweeted: “#FreezeTheFear is an utterly bizarre format.”

Robyn Dwyer added: “#FreezetheFear this is literally watching people take a shower. Am I missing something?!”

“These people are making one hell of a fuss about taking a cold micro shower,” @ThereAndBackAg6 chimed in.

“Have they never had a broken boiler or done PE in a British comprehensive in the 80s?! #FreezeTheFear.”

@mehbo found the humour in the new show and said: “Being British is watching a load of overpaid celebrities take a cold shower on prime time television. #FreezeTheFear #wimhof.”

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A few onlookers jested that the cold showers would keep the bills down and help people prepare for any issues that may pop up due to the energy crisis.

@MrSugden2 asked: “Is the ‘Freeze The Fear’ thing, where people are presented with a series of challenges in a cold-weather environment, a training video for next winter when folks can’t put their central heating on?”

Gordon Arnott added: “Cold shower guru Wim Hof ahead of the game here. #FreezeTheFear Preparing the nation for the next fuel bill hike in the autumn.”

The new oddly formatted show will be made up of six episodes, and for each outing, the celebrities will have to increase the amount of time they spend in the cold shower.

Wim Hof told the group that there is “power in the cold shower” and that “stress goes down and energy goes up.”

Recently Strictly Come Dancing professional Dianne spoke to presenter Claudia Winkleman on her radio show about her time in the cold and said: “Oh my goodness, so Freeze the Fear, to be honest, we didn’t really know what we had signed up for.

“We knew that Wim was involved, and I am a bit of a superfan of Wim, so that is kind of what drew me in in the first place.

“Basically, it is a lot of cold exposure and also facing your fears. So for me, I have a massive fear and phobia of heights, and there are a lot of heights involved and a lot of cold therapy.”

Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof airs Tuesdays from 9 pm on BBC One and is available on BBC iPlayer.

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