Fans spot Curtis has ditched coffee-making for 'morning snuggles' with Maura after 'early Love Island starts to avoid Amy'

Fans spot Curtis has ditched coffee-making for 'morning snuggles' with Maura after 'early Love Island starts to avoid Amy'


LOVE Island fans spot Curtis has ditched coffee-making for morning cuddles with Maura, after he previously being the resident barista while with Amy.

Conspiracists think the ballroom dancer was using his supposed beverage generosity as a ploy to avoid being in bed with his former ‘half-girlfriend’.

When Amy and Curtis split, the former air hostess questioned whether he had ever really liked her as he would always spring out of bed in the morning to make coffee instead of cuddling her.

But since recoupling with Maura Higgins, Love Island viewers think Curtis has changed quite a bit.

In addition to his apparent ‘wild side’ making an appearance, he’s also ditched his self-imposed coffee-making duties in the morning, opting instead for extra time in bed snuggling with 28-year-old Maura.

And fans were quick to notice.

One wrote: “Haven’t seen curtis make a single coffee for anyone since amy left the villa #LoveIsland”

“How come Curtis hasn’t got up early to make everyone coffee since he split with Amy? #LoveIsland,” asked a second.

A third joked, “Not once has Curtis made a coffee for the entire villa since he got with Maura. Bro has forgotten all about his morning shift at Costa.”

“Still can’t get over when curtis said he didn’t want to cuddle amy bc he wanted to make everyone coffee #LoveIsland,” added a fourth.

On Monday’s episode, however, it seemed as though the 23-year-old was getting back into the beverage business as he offered to make a round for the villa.

This obviously prompted fans to question whether things with Maura were about to hit the skids.

“Curtis jumping out of bed to make coffee again. When’s he gunna dump her #loveisland,” joked one.

Another added, “Curtis just gave Maura a kiss and a cuddle BEFOFE he went to make her and only her a coffee. Ya really do hate to see it #LoveIsland.”

“Watch out Maura.. Curtis is back to his usual shift at the coffee shop #loveisland,” said a third.

A fourth warned: “Ahhhh coffee Curtis is back! He must be going off Maura then #loveisland”

Curtis and Maura were shocked last night, while taking part in the Sidebar of Shame challenge, to find out that viewers thought their relationship was a sham.

The headline read: "Curtis's relationship with Maura is staged and fake say Love Island viewers, after she falls for his 'manly' charms."

Curtis appeared unfazed by the insult but Maura was outraged on his behalf, bringing it up once they got back to the villa.

"I still don't get the one about me and Curtis?" she moaned to the girls. "He is manly… He doesn't f**kin' shave his legs!"

In the Beach Hut, Curtis insisted: "To be fair, I'm not bothered… I am who I am. Maura thinks I'm manly and that's all that matters."

However, later on he then went around the villa asking Tommy, India, Amber and Anna if they thought he was "manly" within the span of 60 seconds.

When nobody gave him an answer, he snickered: "Does no-one think I'm manly? Because this is really getting to me now!"

On Monday, The Sun Online exclusively revealed that top body language expert Judi James believes Maura is BORED of Curtis and couldn’t hide it while on their recent date.

She revealed: “Poor Maura! Her facial expression when Curtis announced she’d brought out his ‘wild side’ said it all really, she looked bored and she looked barely bothered to hide it.

“As one of the most fun and feisty women on the show, her courtship techniques with alpha Tommy showed her openly flirty and sexual side.

“With Curtis, she made a play by performing a much more demure, girlish side to her body language and although this surrendered self worked, she’s going to have to keep what she told Curtis was her ‘soft’ side going if she stands a chance of winning the show.”

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