Fans of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Can't Believe How Much Her Son Has Grown Up

Fans of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Can't Believe How Much Her Son Has Grown Up


The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond often posts Instagram photos of her family and gives updates on what’s happening with her businesses. The latest photo of her eldest son, Bryce, resulted in a lot of comments. Many couldn’t believe has much he has grown over the years. Here’s what fans had to say about Ree Drummond’s son.

One of Ree Drummond’s most popular Instagram posts was about Ladd Drummond’s best friend

Drummond usually gets a lot of responses when she posts onInstagram, but this message resulted in a frenzy. She caused quite a stir whenshe posted a message about Ladd’sbest friend, Bill. Many of Drummond’s followers thought Bill was handsome, andthey weren’t shy about saying so. In her Instagram message, the Food Networkstar wrote about how much she admires Ladd and Bill’s friendship. Unfortunately,her followers weren’t paying much attention to that. They just wanted to knowif they could get a date with Bill.  

Many of Ree Drummond’s followers noted how handsome her son has become

Drummond’s fans made comments about how big her son hasgotten and how handsome he is. “He is a very handsome young man. He has abeautiful mother and handsome father,” said one fan. Another agreed, saying, “He’sa handsome young guy. Sons are a special blessing.”

Other Pioneer Woman fans had a hard time acceptingthe fact that Bryce isn’t a little kid anymore. Viewers are used to seeing himas a small boy, running around the ranch. Those days have come to an end andBryce is older now. “Wow! He’s already grown up? I can’t picture him grown up;time flies,” said the follower. Someone else said it must be all the good foodDrummond is feeding Bryce. “All those good groceries you feeding [him] hasturned this baby into a grown young man! Y’all have some good-looking younguns!”

Fans thanked Ree Drummond for allowing viewers to get a glimpse into her personal life

Some celebrities are very private, but Drummond isn’t one ofthem. She seems to enjoy letting her fans peek into her daily life. Fansnoticed this and sent messages of appreciation. “Not so long ago I was watchinghim devour sweets with you in your kitchen. Your children have grown before us.Thanks for letting us peek into your home,” said one Pioneer Womanviewer.

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