Emotional Kate Garraway reflects on 'how different things could be for Derek' after Dominic Cummings' bombshell claims

Emotional Kate Garraway reflects on 'how different things could be for Derek' after Dominic Cummings' bombshell claims


KATE Garraway looked emotional as she reflected on "how different things could be" for her husband Derek Draper after Dominic Cummings' bombshell claims.

Boris Johnson's former aide told a Covid inquiry the Prime Minister was unfit for office and claimed his dithering killed thousands.

Derek became locked in a coma after his body was ravaged by coronavirus back in March 2020.

Lifting the lid on pandemic chaos at the heart of No10 last year, Mr Cummings alleged “there wasn’t even a plan to bury all the bodies”.

Yesterday, he spoke of the PM’s lockdown scepticism, planning chaos, internal fights and paralysis — claiming the country was let down as “lions were led by donkeys again and again”.

Asked by Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid how she felt in light of the allegations, Kate admitted: "I spend a lot of time reflecting on how things might have been different, in lots of ways.

"Both in the government's handling of it, the scientific advice and the doctors' advice specifically to Derek.

"It was definitely confused wasn't it? I think hindsight is a wonderful thing but it doesn't mean we shouldn't address what went wrong.

"Obviously there were things that could have helped.

"Just as there were doctors who said we could have given this medication at this point, we now know it would have definitely helped, but at the time we feared it might have killed him.

"I am quite generous to the government generally that they were looking at a situation and thinking 'what is going to be the most harmful'.

"If as Cummings' said, Boris Johnson wa smore obsessed with the economy maybe he genuinely believed that was the biggest risk.

"It doesn't mean to say that things like planning for a pandemic and lockdown.. that should have been something that was in place."

Mr Cummings spoke out to MPs during an astonishing seven-hour evidence session.

He told a Commons committee: “When the public needed us most, the Government failed.”

He savaged Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who he claimed should have been sacked for lying to the PM that the elderly would be tested before they were released from hospitals into care homes in the early days of the virus.

Last night, both Mr Johnson and Mr Hancock rejected Mr Cummings’ version of events as Westminster reeled from the unprecedented broadside.

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