Emmerdales Ellis left for dead after Cain showdown as little Kyle gets injured

Emmerdales Ellis left for dead after Cain showdown as little Kyle gets injured


Things will certainly take a turn for the worse in Emmerdale in the new year as Ellis Chapman find himself in great danger and Cain Dingle seems to have something to do with it.

Ellis invites Belle Dingle on an excursion with Kyle Winchester leaving her hopeful that they are moving in the right direction.

As the three of them take their time to settle into their forest adventurer, Belle and Ellis find themselves alone, which gives Belle the opportunity to lean in for a kiss. But Ellis’ phone interrupts their special moment.

When Ellis answers his phone, he is shocked that Priya Sharma is on the other end overwhelmed and unable to eat.

Alarmed by the call, Ellis rushes off to help Priya, leaving Belle and Kyle alone.

However, when he arrives at Priya's home, she immediately regrets calling Ellis and he fumes about wasting his time.

Soon, having been abandoned by Ellis, Belle assesses Kyles' ankle that he unfortunately twisted while in the forest and decides to head home.

But things turn from bad to worst when Belle realises she gave her car keys to Ellis, leaving her with no choice but to smash her car window in an attempt to warm Kyle who is clearly freezing.

Belle is also left panicked when she notices she has no signal on her phone and the power is low.

Scared and cold, Belle leaves a voicemail for Ellis before her phone dies. Belle continues to fear on the prospects of what the night has in store for her and Kyle… Huddled in their car in the forest, Belle and Kyle appear unconscious and pale…

Knowing that Ellis left Belle and Kyle to fend for themselves, Cain is out for revenge and heads over to Ellis' home.

Later on, Kyle is taken to hospital leaving Cain worried and angered.

In a fit of rage, Cain orders Marlon to evict Ellis from Tall Trees – thus beginning a war between the Dingles and the Chapmans.

Seeing that Cain is frustrated, Nate Robinson and Moira Barton begin to worry about him and what he has planned for Ellis.

A few moments later, Cain goes searching for Ellis and he soon finds out where he is.

During the night, while out on the moors, Cain abandons a terrified Ellis in the middle of nowhere as payback for putting Kyle in hospital.

While on the moors, a scared and freezing Ellis is curled up on the floor with bloodied, bare feet.

Elsewhere Ellis' father Al and Billy Fletcher begin to worry about his welfare after they realise that he didn’t show up to the B&B the night before but soon discover that he was previously spotted with Cain.

Angered by the prospect that his son could be in danger, Al confronts Cain and accuses him of harming Ellis. However Cain denies any wrongdoing.

A while later, Cain is sickened to find Al watching his son Kyle sleeping in his hospital room.

Still upset about what he believes Cain has done, Al implicitly threatens Kyle as he warns Cain to stop playing games.

But will Cain admit that he left Ellis in the moors?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7pm

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