Emmerdale’s April Dingle in danger as Cathy unveils sinister plans to confront trolling?

Emmerdale’s April Dingle in danger as Cathy unveils sinister plans to confront trolling?


Emmerdale: April speaks to Cathy about 'horrible' trolling

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Emmerdale’s April Dingle (played by Amelia Flanagan) has had it rough the last few weeks as she has received a torrent of abuse online targeted at her late mother Donna Windsor (Verity Rushworth). Cathy Hope (Gabrielle Dowling) has been offering advice to April on how to deal with the bullying, insisting she should keep quiet about her ordeal. Now, new spoilers have revealed Cathy will go one step further as she gives April worrying advice on how to take on the bullies.

Despite Cathy’s “supportive” words, viewers saw April’s father Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) confront her about the bullying after overhearing Cathy and Heath talking about the trolling. 

He deleted her social media and took her phone for a few weeks, convinced this would end the bullying. 

However, April knew a few weeks away from her phone wouldn’t end the bullying.

In recent episodes, fans have seen April struggling to find out who is behind the trolling and online bullying campaign against her.

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The bullies have been targeting her late mother Donna, who took her own life after finding out she had cancer in 2014.

Cathy has become a supportive “friend” to April after she found out about her bullying and offered a shoulder to cry on.  

In one scene Cathy told April: “Like I said, they’re losers, don’t listen to them or send them my way,” to which April replied: “At least you’re sticking up for me.”

Cathy insisted they were “mates”, however later on in the episode she was seen encouraging April to not tell her father Marlon.

“Probably best, he’ll only want to go and tell the school, make it something bigger. Besides, now it’s the holidays, chances are whoever is doing it will stop!” she insisted.

However, April’s bullying secret was short-lived as Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) and Marlon overheard Cathy and Heath speaking about the trolling.

Finding April at her mother’s grave, Marlon was heartbroken to see his daughter so upset and the impact of what she had been sent online had done to her.

In his attempt to fix things, Marlon took April’s phone and decided to delete her social media account. He told her after a few weeks she could have her phone back convinced that time away would stop the cruel trolling.

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Feeling out of his depth and guilty for not noticing sooner, Marlon told April he wanted her to spend the holidays being herself and enjoying life with everyone else. 

However, April wasn’t as convinced as she knew a few weeks away from her phone wouldn’t put a stop to the bullying.

In upcoming scenes, Marlon gives April her phone back but makes her promise she won’t use social media. However, she is soon tempted.

Giving in to temptation, April logs back onto her social media accounts and finds more hateful comments as the bullying continues.

Marlon voices his concerns on being able to afford the best birthday celebration for daughter April, turning his attention away from the matter at hand.

Viewers will see April feeling alone and desperate for the bullying to stop and confides in “friend” Cathy, explaining the trolling has continued.

Cathy has a suggestion on how to handle it… But will it work?

Could April mistake Cathy’s “friendship” for something more sinister with a devastating end?

After all, April has been battling the bulling for a few months now and will do anything to get it to stop.

Viewers have previously taken to Twitter to predict who they thought the online bully could have been, with several fans predicting it could be Cathy, after feeling she’s been supportive to cover her tracks.

One viewer wrote: “Cathy’s so guilty it’s written all over her face,” while another added: “Cathy and Heath say they’re not involved in the trolling I don’t believe them. Only because they have been nasty towards April in the past and recently. Time to confess Cathy and Heath.”

“Watching Cathy turning up every time April has been trolled is suspicious. Like she wants to watch Aprils suffering. Cathy doesn’t look like she’s sincere,” someone else posted.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7 pm on ITV. 
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