Emmerdale star Louise Jameson feared the BBC was trying to con her out of money

Emmerdale star Louise Jameson feared the BBC was trying to con her out of money


Emmerdale and Doctor Who star Louise Jameson has opened up about her ‘terror’ over scam emails and calls, amid character Mary Goskirk’s current storyline which has seen her fall for a scammer.

Mary, who revealed that she is a lesbian last year, has been exploring online dating and recently fell for supposed charity worker Faye.

However, it will soon transpire that Faye is actually a scammer, having told Mary that the women’s shelter she works in has burnt down, and she needs money to go toward the cost of repairs.

In devastating scenes, Mary will realise that Faye has been lying to her, but their confrontation will lead to serious danger for Mary.

Speaking to The Mirror, Louise revealed how she too is bombarded by scammers on a regular basis, which has left her ‘suspicious of everything’.

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‘I will get an email, phone call or text at least once a week trying to tempt me into some scam,’ she revealed.

‘They could well be algorithms but there are ones that will say things like “I’ve got loads of money, can you give me your bank details so I can put it in there.”

‘Then there are others like “Can you move all your money into this account so we can save your current account”.’

Louise went on to explain how her experience has even left her suspicious of her former employer, the BBC.

‘I even had this thing with the BBC recently.

‘The BBC have changed their method of paying you royalties and they required me to give my bank details even though they already had them on another form.

‘I absolutely refused to do it. They had to jump through hoops to persuade me it was the correct way to get royalties. I won’t give away anything unless I am face-to-face in the actual building.’

It is no wonder the actress is so careful, as she went on to recount how a friend recently lost £20,000 to a scam.

‘Her bank account was being emptied and a bank sent her a text saying: ‘Is this you? If we don’t hear from you, we will assume it is.

‘She was in the Outer Hebrides and didn’t have a signal. She lost nearly £20,000 and is now fighting the case.’

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