Emmerdale fans work out Andreas revenge on Meena in return twist at trial

Emmerdale fans work out Andreas revenge on Meena in return twist at trial


Emmerdale fans think they have worked out Andrea Tate's revenge on Meena Jutla in a "return twist" at her murder trial this week on the ITV soap.

In the latest instalment, Meena, who has pleaded not guilty for the murders of Ben Tucker, Leanna Cavanagh and Andrea, finally faced trial while her sister Manpreet Sharma is set to testify against her after making a huge U-turn.

On Monday's episode, Liam Cavanagh, whose daughter Leanna was murdered by Meena last year, took to the stand to give evidence against the evil nurse as he sought justice for his child.

While Meena's barrister decided to cross-examine Liam as she asked whether he had a problem with his temper as the court was adjourned until a later date.

However, fans were left distracted during the scenes as they speculated that Andrea could make an explosive return in court later this week.

Viewers will recall that Andrea was murdered during the ITV soap's super stunt week last year where she was left for dead in the burning maize maze after she witnessed Meena trying to drown Victoria Sugden.

It was revealed in later episodes that police had found a body, which was identified by Kim Tate as Andrea, with detectives launching a murder investigation.

However, some soap watchers have predicted that Andrea isn't actually dead, as viewers never actually saw her body, and that she is secretly working with the police to get revenge on Meena.

Taking to social media, one person said: "I think Andrea is really Alive and will come back as a shock twist to take the stand #Emmerdale."

A different account put: "Yeah I'm still holding on that she's in protective custody."

Another follower wrote: "Got a feeling there’s gonna be a Andrea twist here #Emmerdale."

A different fan noted: "Imagine if Andrea just bursts into the court room. #Emmerdale."

While another soap watcher added: "Can we just skip to the part where Andrea comes in & saves the day?!#Emmerdale."

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