Emmerdale death as Noah Dingle murders Jacob Gallagher in affair twist?

Emmerdale death as Noah Dingle murders Jacob Gallagher in affair twist?


Emmerdale: Charity proves Noah's innocence to Liv

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Noah (played by Jack Downham) has had strong feelings for Chloe (Jessie Elland) ever since she arrived in the village of Emmerdale earlier this year. Unfortunately, the young lovebirds haven’t been able to pursue their romance because of Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) trying to protect Chloe from her gangster father and Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) not wanting her son to be killed by said villain. However, Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) could become a new hurdle in their way and as it seems Noah will do anything to stop this happening, he could turn to murder to get rid of his problem on the ITV soap.

Tuesday’s episode featured Noah and Chloe sparingly as they tried to make their new friendship work, with romance firmly off the cards.

As they exchanged a smile at one another in the café, Kerry marched her surrogate daughter straight outside, with both youngsters left devastated.

Though trying to steer his life in a new direction, Noah asked Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) if he could work at the café.

This way he would be earning money and he could see Chloe more regularly and impressed by the teenager’s intuition, Brenda said she would speak with Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) about taking the youngster on.

Later in the episode, he arrived at the village shop to ask Eric face to face about the position as he had still not had an answer.

However, instead of seeing the soap stalwart, he bumped into Jacob and suddenly, Chloe also entered the picture which made for an awkward conversation.

Jacob did say he would leave the pair to it but Chloe told him not to go and instead told Noah how Eric’s grandson could get them tickets to go clubbing.

Charity’s son tried to bypass the conversation about the club and asked Chloe why she was in the shop in the first place.

With tampons in her hand, the teenager left her young lover looking rather embarrassed about the situation but luckily, Eric entered at the right time.

He agreed to let the teenager work at the café and to celebrate, the youngster asked Chloe out for a coffee as friends.

I hope [Chloe] feels better

Jacob Gallagher

She accepted his invitation and towards the end of the latest instalment, they were seen chatting away about life.

After sharing how worried she was about either Kerry or Charity walking in, Chloe headed to the toilet before Jacob walked into the café.

He apologised for embarrassing the youngster in front of his love interest and in hopes of not ruining their friendship, he asked if Noah wanted to go out for some food.

When Eric’s grandson mentioned Chloe would also be invited, Noah got a touch of the green-eyed monster as he could see Jacob was interested in pursuing the newcomer.

So in order to throw Jacob off the scent, Noah fed him a pack of lies about where Chloe was at the time they were speaking.

Noah explained she had gone to the toilet but she was being sick and it would do Jacob best to leave as she wouldn’t want him to see her poorly.

“I hope [Chloe] feels better,” Jacob remarked before heading out of the café having brought Noah’s lies about the newcomer being ill.

This might seem like an innocent conversation but as the weeks continue, it could be Chloe will start to become closer to Jacob.

Charity’s son would be angry at the thought of his love interest moving on with someone else because they couldn’t be together.

In his mind, he could adopt the thought process if he can’t have her then no one can have her and put a plan of action together for how to stop Jacob from pursuing her.

Not seeing another viable option, Noah could plan to murder Jacob so he is out of the picture completely but carry out in a way he wouldn’t take the fall.

With Chloe’s father very protective over his daughter, the teenager could make it look as if the gangster ordered the hit.

This is the first thing Chloe would think of if she were to find out Jacob had died after spending more time with her.

As a result, she could try to flee the village following a failed affair and will never want her father to find her.

Could Noah have pushed his love interest further away by taking out his love rival by murdering him?

The actress who plays Chloe, Jessie, has spoken out about her character’s father and how her alter-ego will think everything that happens to her is connected to him.

Jessie explained: “Chloe is almost like a zoo animal, constantly watched, she feels very trapped and under her dad’s control.

“Right now, he’s on the end of the phone, but it would be really interesting to bring him in and see how they’d interact.

“You do get a sense that Chloe knows he’s fundamentally a bad person, she’s scared by him but at the end of the day still her dad and she loves him.’

“It all looks glamorous on the surface but there are dark reasons behind it, her dad is a nefarious character, Chloe and Kerry are terrified of him.”

Will she ever discover the truth about Jacob’s murder?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode airing on Thursdays at 8pm.

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