EastEnders terror as Gray Atkins attacks Whitney Dean after discovering pregnancy secret?

EastEnders terror as Gray Atkins attacks Whitney Dean after discovering pregnancy secret?


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Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) murdered his wife Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) just over a year ago, and despite the period of horrific abuse he inflicted on her, nobody suspects him in her death. Whitney (Shona McGarty) and Gray seem to be getting close on EastEnders, with her back in his home and looking after his children. The most recent instalment of the BBC soap saw the market trader working out that Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams) was pregnant, and offered to accompany her to the abortion clinic, promising she wouldn’t tell Gray. Ever the control freak though, Gray is likely to be watching the women and could find out. It’s possible he will lose his temper with Whitney and become violent towards her.

A recent episode saw Chelsea looking terrified as she looked at the result of a test she’d taken and found out she was in fact pregnant.

She and Gray broke up after a brief relationship and on Thursday, Whitney managed to get the truth out of the beautician.

“Are you pregnant?” She asked during a chat with Chelsea.

“Unbelievable,” she replied, as Whitney explained: “I saw a pregnancy test in your bag yesterday.”

Chelsea initially pretended the test had belonged to someone else and stormed out, but once Denise Fox (Diane Parish) told Whitney Chelsea had let her down due to an “appointment”, Whitney followed her.

“Is it Gray’s baby?” She demanded, adding: “Don’t you think he’s got the right to know?”

“About something that’s happening in my body?” Chelsea snapped. “No, strangely, I don’t.”

Whitney stated that she would be going with her, but Chelsea refused to let her.

Terrified, she begged her not to tell Gray, and Whitney replied: “I’m not going to, I swear.

“That isn’t who I am, Chelsea. I just don’t think you should have to do this on your own.”

Chelsea has seen for herself how angry Gray can become, and wants nothing to do with him, so it’s no wonder she doesn’t want Gray to know about the baby.

Whitney recently tried to convince Gray to patch things up with Chelsea so they could be on good terms, and he wondered why she was bothered about his ex.

The lawyer has been obsessed with Whitney for a long time, and earlier this year went as far as killing her boyfriend Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami) to stop the couple from fleeing together.

Now that Whitney seems to be within his grasp, he is probably willing to do anything to make sure nobody can scare her away from him.

Noticing a growing friendship between the two women, it’s likely manipulative Gray is keeping a close eye on them.

As they hop in a cab together to head to the clinic, it wouldn’t be surprising if Gray was lurking close by to see if Chelsea would try to talk Whitney out of being with him.

If he follows them and works out what has happened, he will certainly be left fuming.

Like with Chatelle, he might wait for Whitney to get home before erupting into a violent outburst.

Could Whitney become his next victim of abuse?

He’d mentioned to her earlier in the episode how he would like to have children again, so might see her keeping Chelsea’s secret as the ultimate betrayal.

Viewers are desperate to see the villain get his comeuppance after more than a year of Gray’s behaviour going undetected.

Not only did he kill his wife and Kush, he murdered Tina Carter (Luisa Bradshaw-White) shortly after Chantelle because she had figured out what he’d done.

Somehow, the evil father-of-two has managed to stay beneath the radar in Walford, despite killing three residents.

It seems he will get away with his awful crimes, but in typical Albert Square fashion, the truth is likely to come out eventually.

With the Carters desperately searching for Tina and Whitney potentially falling for Gray’s “nice guy” act and getting into a relationship with him, it seems only a matter of time.

Could Whitney be the one to expose him if he starts to hurt her like he did Chantelle?

Perhaps she and Chelsea will work together to bring him down, but will his downfall come before he kills again?

EastEnders continues on Friday at 8pm on BBC One.

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