EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway kiss AGAIN and Stuart catches them in the act

EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway kiss AGAIN and Stuart catches them in the act


A tender moment between Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway will be spotted by Callum’s twisted older brother Stuart in EastEnders tonight.

Is their secret romance in danger of being revealed? Find out below…

Callum’s day gets off to a bad start as an oblivious Whitney Dean uses him as a model for her Pride shirts.

When Stuart arrives and suggests the brothers spend some time together, Callum feels awkward in the shirts and makes excuses, leaving Stuart upset.

Callum ends up going for a drink with his dad Jonno in the Vic but things go downhill quickly when Ben Mitchell arrives and starts winding Jonno up about homophobic comments he made last time they met.

Before long, Callum realises Jonno has followed Ben into the gents and the pair come to blows.

Later, Ben and Callum meet up and Ben offers Callum some words advice based on his own experiences.

As their heart to heart comes to a close, Ben gives Callum a kiss on the cheek, unaware that Stuart has seen the whole thing.

What will Stuart’s next move be?

Tony Clay who plays conflicted Callum has hinted that his character will be caught between lover Ben and brother Stuart.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online last month Tony revealed: “It wouldn't be something I'd want to be in the way of! Put it that way!

"I think they should clear the square for that moment. I don't know, again, we'll have to wait and see. All it takes is one little, who will snap first, do you know what I mean?"

Stuart showed his nasty side previously displaying worrying homophobic views towards his brother, seemingly convinced Ben was on a recruitment mission.

But Tony defended Stuart's behaviour and insisted it was more of Stuart just trying to protect Callum in his own deranged way.

I don't know if it is Stuart's homophobia," he said.

"I think it's a scare tactic. I think it's a thing of you know, look, this is my territory sort of thing, do you know what i mean?

"I think it's not necessarily like he's going to go out and start telling people about how they should live their lives.

"It's more about a 'leave my brother alone' sort of thing. I think that's how he sees it, he's doing the right thing."

But with Ben and Halfway growing closer, Tony revealed it is because Callum can see more than just the villain in him.

He said: "There's a human being in there. There's not just a geezer that wants to cause chaos and havoc everywhere, there's a real human side to him, a one that's completely dropped his guard for him.

"The mask completely drops and it's fully who he is. You know when Ben comes to afterwards maybe he wont feel the same? Maybe he'll feel like he shouldn't have let his guard down. And now there's going to be consequences."

And Tony is overjoyed with being trusted with such a major storyline.

He said: "To read it in the script was brilliant, it's absolutely brilliantly written. It's really really lovely, it's a massive massive episode, I think it's been great to be a part of, it's lovely to be a part of the storyline, it's great to be working with Max (Bowden).

"And just to be trusted with it, is a lovely thing. It's a delicate issue and I think that it's got to be handled properly and it is. I think it's great, it really is great. "

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