EastEnders' flash-forward episode: theories including murder and comeback | The Sun

EastEnders' flash-forward episode: theories including murder and comeback | The Sun


A highly cryptic trailer about upcoming Walford events has sent fans into a frenzy.

With the drama set to pick up a pace on Monday, EastEnders viewers are all on their guard, sharing their wildest theories.

Six of Albert Square's biggest icons are to be thrown in a whirlwind of emotions as teased by a trailer dropped ahead of the soap's anniversary.

BBC One viewers will remember the London-based program celebrates 38 years on our screens Sunday, February 19, with a flashforward episode airing the following day, according to its regular schedule.

Linda Carter, Suki Panesar, Stacey Slater, Denise Fox, Sharon Watts and Kathy Beale all appear on edge and even terrified in the most recent trailer.

EastEnders episodes for the upcoming week are usually made available online on the Monday at 6am, allowing viewers to tune in whenever they wish.

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This time, the BBC has warned episodes would not be dropped on the iPlayer before 7.30pm to keep the mystery going.

This has prompted fans to theorise what could happen to them in upcoming scenes.

Spoilers have already confirmed the Walford ladies will be trying to blow off some steam in The Vic after hours next week.

But as underlined by the ominous trailer, "in a flash, everything changes."

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Viewers are aware the Walford women are set to blow off some steam during a Vic lock-inCredit: BBC

1. Girls' night out gone wrong

In 2020, EastEnders bosses packed a punch for the show's 35th anniversary with death being part of their plans.

Could they strike again?

Walford Web and Digital Spy forum users have joined forces in an attempt to figure out what will be happening in Walford.

Their first hunch led them to decide Suki, Kathy, Linda, Stacey, Denise and Sharon could all go through a night out gone wrong due to their quick change of clothes in the mysterious trailer.

"Interesting that they all change into evening wear", one viewer penned.

Another commented: "It's quite an eclectic bunch too. Cant quite see them all going on a night out together."

"The fact the only thing we know is that they have a lock-in, I'm so intrigued", another chimed in.

One went even further – what if all characters bonded over a shared secret?

"Maybe something happens at a night out and they all agree to cover it up?", another fan echoed.

"Similar to Sam/Chrissie/Zoe v Den. That’s the first thought that came to mind."

A third agreed: "I'm guessing someone murders someone and they all decide to keep the secret, it's given me major I Know What You Did Last Summer vibes."

What if their secret involved keeping one character safe?

2. Nish gets comeuppance

Prior to his release from prison and arrival in Albert Square, Nish Panesar (played by Navin Chowdhry) was said to be controlling and abusive by his own wife Suki (Balvinder Sopal).

In recent scenes, viewers have grown increasingly concerned for the businesswoman as Nish continuously undermines her.

To make matters worse, Nish has drained every ounce of independence out of Suki by scamming her out of her own businesses.

Suki rejected potential love interest Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) for Nish and is clearly struggling to get out of his grasp.

With Nish getting greedy and Suki losing her spark, as noticed by Eve, EastEnders viewers are speculating Monday's episode could feature a flashforward of all the women striking against the villain and standing over his corpse.

A soap fan let slip they were expecting "Suki standing off a dead Nish" but another quickly argued: "Who Pushed Nish wouldn’t be a ratings winner for Christmas on its own unless he as a character improves a fair bit."

"Even with all the icons involved in the storyline."

While Nish's potential murder was a popular theory among fans, one of them still considered it could be too early for Suki to be involved in yet another murder plot.

"On second thoughts regarding my previous comment about a death/murder cover up, I just realised Suki is in the trailer."

"Surely they wouldn’t do the same story for her again so soon."

The Minute Mart boss, who was recently betrayed by her own husband, was involved in a murder storyline in late 2022 when Ranveer Gulati tried to sexually assault her.

Her mental health was severely impacted by the guilt she was harbouring, particularly as Ravi Gulati, the real culprit, let her believe she was responsible for Ranveer's death.

This ultimately led to her son Kheerat taking the blame for her and leaving Walford.

3. Stacey loses Lily

But what if the outcome of Monday's episode is more of an individual nature for each of the six icons?

While many of them believe the storyline may combine all the ladies, a handful of viewers would rather think they're in for six separate drama-packed plots.

One viewer imagined a flashforward scene of Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) "crying in the rain running after Lily" but wasn't inspired any further.

In the trailer, Stacey is seen at her bap van, looking on anxiously before appearing dressed to the nines in a stunning red gown with her hair loose.

Stacey was most notably heartbroken when her partner Kheerat Panesar was arrested for the murder of Ranveer Gulati.

But the new year brought more worries than fresh beginnings as she found out her twelve-year old daughter Lily was pregnant.

Due to her young age, Lily is legally unable to consent to sexual intercourse and her surprise pregnancy prompted the police and social services to open up an investigation in the hopes they can prove she wasn't being abused.

Aside from this, Stacey has been wearing herself thin in trying to keep her business and her finances afloat as Lily decided to keep her baby alongside Ricky Mitchell.

This means that Stacey's custody of Lily could be shaky and it was only made worse when Ryan Malloy came back to the Square after being told by his sister Whitney Dean that the young girl was pregnant.

Actor Neil McDermott briefly reprised his role this week and it became clear he had a shock motive for being back after years of absence from Lily's life.

Speaking of comebacks…

4. Bombshell return

Following his last appearance in EastEnders for Dot Branning's funeral, Ian Beale has made fans believe he could return to the Square once again.

And with Gillian Taylforth's Kathy Beale in the trailer, some fans had admitted their minds are racing with theories of the mother-son duo being reunited.

One fan believes Monday's instalment of the long-running drama will treat viewers to a flashforward moment of "Kathy greeting Ian."

"Blimey O'Reilly how exciting! Kathy seems to be getting a storyline!!", another viewer cheered in response.

Kathy was last thrown into the spotlight when her son Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) was raped after a night out on the town with Lewis Butler.

The Prince Albert owner used her own experience with sexual assault to help her son as he was spiralling out of control.

As for actor Adam Woodyatt, mystery has always shrouded his availability for an EastEnders comeback.

Will it ever be fully cleared?

5. Linda's new chapter

Another Walford lady has been speculated to play a crucial role around Monday's instalment.

Linda Carter has been put through the wringer, particularly as her estranged husband Mick supposedly died on Christmas Day while trying to save her and Janine Butcher from drowning.

Both soap boss Chris Clenshaw and actress Kellie Bright have vowed that The Vic landlady would be facing a brand new chapter in her life after trying to get her life back on track without Mick to support her.

"There are big plans for Linda. She's going to start shooting something in January that goes out in February and it's something that we as a show haven't done before", Chris Clenshaw teased before adding: "Linda's at the centre of that."

Diehard EastEnders fans were quick to remember the producer's words and firmly believe that Linda, the first Walford royalty to appear in the trailer, is set for some major twists and turns next week.

"Beware all – last time this happened she put a bullet in Keanu", quipped one viewer.

But could they be on to something?

Another soap fan has hinted, just as jokingly, that Linda could end up in prison – could Mick's disappearance backfire on her?

Could her rival Janine Butcher give her a hard time from behind bars?


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6. Marriage danger

Let's not forget Denise Fox (Diane Parish) who has been flirting with danger in recent weeks – and more particularly with Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara).

The pair shared a steamy kiss but the hairdresser has swept it under the rug and focused on saving her troubled marriage with Jack Branning.

But while the copper continues to spiral as he tries to be as present as possible for his children, Denise feels increasingly neglected by him and it could have devastating consequences.

Denise, on the one hand, could first be expected to cheat on Jack but with the speculation the Walford ladies could have a shared murderous secret, the pressure would be dialled up to the maximum.

"If they do something criminal that will put even more pressure on Denise and Jack", one viewer wrote.

7. Wedding bombshell?

Some fans were surprised one Walford lady was missing from the trailer, despite being involved in most of the drama in the fictional London borough.

Could Kat Slater be in danger?

In 2022, the owner of Kat's Cabs portrayed by Jessie Wallace was set to marry Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) but the nuptials were eventually postponed.

She's since been close to Lily, providing her advice as the pre-teen faces motherhood.

One viewer speculated Monday's episode could feature a flashforward scene of "Kat in a wedding dress."

But with Sharon Watts overcoming her feelings for Phil, there may be another, deadlier, obstacle for Kat.

"Maybe a flash forward to a wedding where we don’t see the bride… or a funeral", another soap fan theorised.

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What will really happen?

Viewers better tune in to BBC One on Monday, February 20, at 7.30pm to find out.

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