EastEnders fans predict Stacey love triangle twist as ex visits her in hospital

EastEnders fans predict Stacey love triangle twist as ex visits her in hospital


EastEnders fans are predicting a possible love triangle for Stacey Slater after her ex-husband Martin Fowler and current love interest Kheerat Panesar both visited her in hospital.

Stacey was rushed to hospital after an altercation with her mother Jean saw her pushed into a bar and stabbed with a broken bottle of booze.

After ignoring the injury out of fear it would get her mum in trouble following her release from hospital, Stacey collapsed in the square infront of Kheerat, who rushed her to hospital.

After fears she may have developed sepsis, Stacey appeared worse for wear in her hospital bed and Kheerat didn’t leave her side.

Viewers then saw Stacey’s ex, Martin Fowler, turn up at the hospital wanting to see Stacey.

Stacey and Martin went through a tumultuous relationship and were married for four years from 2016, until 2020.

Despite their separation and divorce, the pair have shared moments, with lingering feelings still being palpable.

Fans took to social media to speculate, with many predicting she will be torn between the two men.

“I'm sensing that the show will probably do a love triangle and that Stacey will ultimately chose Martin,” said one viewer.

Another echoed: “ #EastEnders are clearly leading up to a Stacey, Martin, Kheerat love triangle.”

Another said: “Stacey and kheerat but I also wants Stacey and Martin back #EastEnders She’s gunna be torn.”

As Stacey recovers, Kheerat asks if they can finally be together.

However, the mood turns sour when Stacey finds out that a mental health nurse has gone to see Jean because Kheerat told the truth about her injury to the nurse.

When Jean locks herself in the bathroom at home, Stacey rushes there even though she's still unwell.

Jean is seen leaving to go back to hospital despite stcey’s emotional plea to stay.

Elsewhere in the episode, after bonding with Zack and spending the day with him, Jada gets the wrong idea and moves in for a kiss.

Zack is horrified but plays down his reaction as he doesn't want to embarrass Jada. Later, Sharon returns and Jada lies that Zack kissed her.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursdays on BBC One at 7.30pm

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