EastEnders fans disgusted as Rainie prostitutes herself for £30 in front of baby

EastEnders fans disgusted as Rainie prostitutes herself for £30 in front of baby


EastEnders fans were disgusted tonight when Rainie Branning sold her body for £30.

The former drug addict returned to prostitution after her money was stolen by a chancer in the hotel – leaving her with nothing.

Rainie was forced to sleep in a stairwell with baby Abi and started begging for money from strangers.

A suited man then asked if she was "working", then recoiled in horror when he saw Abi asleep in the pram.

But Rainie resorted to desperate measures and said: "She's not mine. She's sleeping. We won't wake her."

She asked for £50 but told the man she would take £30 if he was "quick".

The well-dressed man called his wife to say he would be home from work late as Rainie began to undress.

Rainie was clearly uncomfortable as the man began to kiss her and kept looking at baby Abi in the pram.

Eventually she apologised and said she could not go through with it but the man would not take 'no' for an answer.

As Rainie went to hand the money back he shoved her up against the railings.

He was about to rape her when Stuart Highway appeared and threw him off her, shouting: She said 'no'."

EastEnders fans were horrified by Rainie's actions and took to Twitter to vent their anger.

One viewer said: "Rainie's seriously going to become a prostitute when she's meant to be looking after baby Abi??? What on earth?!"

"Awwwh no Rainie having to resort to those measures," added another.

A third said: "Poor Rainie, if only she was treated better by Max, then this would never have happened."

*EastEnders continues on Friday night on BBC One at 7.30pm

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