EastEnders Chelsea to expose Gray as killer as fans figure out romance twist

EastEnders Chelsea to expose Gray as killer as fans figure out romance twist


EastEnders fans are convinced Chelsea Fox will be the one to expose Gray Atkins for the murderer he is, after watching her scheme play out on Tuesday.

Chelsea, played by Zaraah Abrahams, had been staying in Gray's house, sipping on prosecco and relaxing on the couch, when she accidentally broke one of his plates.

The plate had a special significance, as it belonged to his late wife Chantelle Atkins, who was murdered by the twisted lawyer last year.

While many fans feared Gray would unleash his wrath on Chelsea when he found the broken plate, they needn't have worried – she figured out a way to hide the crime.

Chelsea carefully arranged the plate inside the fridge, so once Gray opened it, the remains of the plate came tumbling to the floor, shattering into smithereens.

He assumed it was his fault, only for Chelsea to comfort him and insist they could hide the broken plate from the children.

Watching the scene play out, as Chelsea pulled the wool over Gray's eyes, certain fans wondered whether she could be the one to expose his crimes.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "I bet it is Chelsea who's gonna find out about Gray what he's done!"

"She didn't need to blame the kids as it wasn't there fault whatsoever. I don't know what Cheslea is trying to achieve by being with Gray tbh. It all just seems very random and all she wanted is attention. Yet is she trying to suss Gray out," added a second.

"Just to recap, did anyone notice how Chelsea rigged that plate she broke so that it would look like Gray broke it? Shady, shallow, and devious," wrote a third.

Since Gray's arrival in Walford, he has been a malevolent figure, abusing his wife Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) behind closed doors.

The domestic violence reached breaking point last year when – having learned Chantelle was leaving him – Gray smashed her head into their washing machine, leaving her for dead.

Gray managed to cover his tracks and get away with the crime, but his murderous streak came to the surface for a second time earlier this year.

Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami) had planned on moving away with Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), hoping for a fresh start, only for Gray to shove him in the path of an oncoming tube train.

Again, Gray got away with the sick deed scot-free, the police believing Kush's death was a tragic accident.

Can Chelsea expose Gray for the killer he is?

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