Dune composer Hans Zimmer reveals brand new score for delayed movie

Dune composer Hans Zimmer reveals brand new score for delayed movie


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In October this year, Denis Villeneuve’s next epic science-fiction film will be released: Dune. Based on the legendary Frank Herbert novel of the same name, Dune follows Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) taking over the vicious sand planet Arrakis – known as Dune – from the enemy faction the Harkonnen. The movie was originally supposed to be released last October, but it was pushed back an entire year. In the meantime, Zimmer has been working on a brand new soundtrack for the movie to accompany some Dune merchandise.

The second Dune soundtrack is due for release on the same day as the film – October 22.

It accompanies the enormous companion book for the film, titled The Art and Soul of Dune.

The book has been written by the film’s executive producer Tanya Lapointe and it contains a number of exclusive entries.

On top of the artwork and behind-the-scenes looks at how Dune was made, the book also delves into the costume concepts, digital effects, and interviews with the cast and crew.

Zimmer has already spoken out about the soundtrack for the feature film.

The composer spoke candidly about the inspiration behind the music, and how he and director Villeneuve came up with its concept.

He said: “Denis and I agreed that the female characters in the film drive the story, so the score is based on mainly female voices.

“We developed our own language. The musicianship is extraordinary, and this is not your normal orchestral score.” (Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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Villeneuve also chimed in: “We agreed that the music would need to have a spirituality to it… a sanctified quality. Something that would elevate the soul and have the effect that only sacred music can.

“Hans spent months and months creating new instruments, defining, creating, and seeking new sounds, pushing the envelope.”

The Canadian film director has already spoken frankly about approaching Warner Bros to shoot the epic, unfilmable story of Dune.

The Academy Award-winning star recently revealed he had “two conditions” on filming the epic space opera.

First, Villeneuve wanted to film Dune over two films. He said: “The story is so rich and complex that we’ll need to make at least two movies.”

Secondly, he had to get approval to shoot Dune in an actual desert, mimicking the nature of the story’s setting.

He said: “My argument was, they didn’t shoot Jaws in a swimming pool, you know?

“We needed to be in the real environments so we will be inspired by the infinity and the impact of those landscapes on the actors’ inspiration, and for myself, too.”

Villeneuve ended up shooting Dune in a desert in Jordan, which became one of the key selling points of the series.

He also spoke highly of the source material, saying: “At its core, you can see it from one angle as a powerful, epic adventure story, but it has so many themes that make the book so rich.

“We tried to keep the richness in the movie… humans, we need to earn our destiny in order to change the world. The movie is kind of a call to action for us to change things, especially for the youth.”

Dune hits cinemas on October 22, 2021.


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