Dr Hilary slams Good Morning Britain caller who brands Covid-19 'just a flu'

Dr Hilary slams Good Morning Britain caller who brands Covid-19 'just a flu'


Dr Hilary Jones exploded at a Good Morning Britain viewer who branded coronavirus ‘like the flu’. 

The medical expert had clearly had enough of people comparing the killer virus to the common winter illness, and after a particularly rude comment aimed at Piers Morgan, Dr Hilary let rip. 

Piers read out the comment first, which read: ‘Give it up Piers. Covid’s just as bad as the flu. Stop whining in a high pitched voice like a seven year old girl. 

‘Hundreds of people die from the flu, these aren’t reported. Just ask Dr Hilary.’ 

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So, when asked, Dr Hilary repeated how nearly 500 people were reported dead yesterday with the illness, and encouraged the viewer to pipe down. 

‘Is this man for real?! Is this man really serious thinking that flu is killing 500 people a day?,’ Dr Hilary said. 

‘There’s hardly any flu this season and it wouldn’t kill anything like that in a bad flu season.

‘This Covid-19 virus is about 25 times more lethal than the flu for anybody.’ 

‘Perhaps he’d like to volunteer for the NHS volunteer scheme which helps a lot of vulnerable people,’ he then suggested. 

As second lockdown takes effect today, the team were discussing what to do next. 

Dr Hilary was previously in favour of the lockdown and said that ‘draconian’ measures were unfortunately needed in order to quash the virus spread.

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