Doc Martin Christmas filming halted after Martin Clunes accident

Doc Martin Christmas filming halted after Martin Clunes accident


Doc Martin: Clunes reveals mishap while filming final episode

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Martin Clunes will star as Doc Martin one final time on Christmas day, as fans are treated to one last special from the grumpy doctor. Martin recently joined The One Show hosts Alex Jones and Harry Judd, where he revealed an on-set incident which saw him in a car accident.

After discussing the iconic ITV series coming to an end, Harry asked about the upcoming Christmas special.

“So what can you tell us about the final episode?” to which Martin interrupted and claimed: “Very little I’m afraid.

“There is a grumpy doctor, there is a lot of snow, and there’s a real turkey! It is like a Marvel movie! There’s a stunt, I crashed a car by mistake.”

Curious about what happened, Harry asked: “Do they use that in the episode?”

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Martin explained what happened: “Well, I was supposed to drive towards the camera, they abandon the camera and I was supposed to turn out of that shot.

“And then the next shot they cut too would be a stunt man driving into the tree, but I turned, in the fake snow, I had no traction.

“And it wouldn’t stop so I just glided into the tree! I was absolutely fine, I kind of saw it coming and it was all ok.”

Alex continued: “This episode is everything you would want for a finale on Christmas day, but of course, Doc Martin comes along and ruins the Christmas spirit.”

The show then played a small clip of the episode, where Doc takes his son to see Father Christmas, and doesn’t allow him to sit on his lap in case he is “contagious”.

The Christmas special will see the doc get the grotto closed down because he fears Santa has something contagious, upsetting the children, including his own son James (Elliott Blake).

James decides to run away to find Santa, but Ruth bumps into him and persuades him to have breakfast, given the journey to the North Pole is a long one.

Heading off to see how Leonard (Santa, played by Ron Cook) is doing, he gets himself into a car crash which causes him to hallucinate about his mother (Claire Bloom), prompting some of his own parenting concerns.

Eventually making it to Leonard’s house and recovering from the cold, he treats Leonard.

Leonard confides in Martin about the death of his wife and why he celebrates Christmas. He challenges Martin to do the same.

But will they make it back to the village in time for the Christmas parade Louisa has organised?

After 18 years, the loveable ITV drama has come to an end which left viewers devastated they would no longer be able to watch new episodes of the show.

In the final episode of the series, Doc decided to pack up and leave his quaint Cornish town for a bigger position in London.

The town decided to throw a party for him, however, in true Doc Martin fashion he ended up in hospital after a near-death experience.

His surgery was a success but left the doctor wondering if he did want to leave the Cornish town, before telling his wife that he wanted to stay put.

The series ended with the doc throwing the ‘For Sale’ sign for the house over the side of the cliff, before heading inside with his family.

The One Show airs weekdays from 7pm on BBC One.

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