Death In Paradises Marlon Pryce star opens up about intimidating co-star

Death In Paradises Marlon Pryce star opens up about intimidating co-star


Don Warrington on the behind the scenes of 'Death In Paradise'

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Miles landed a role in popular comedy-drama Death in Paradise just this year for series 10. Formerly a youth offender, the character, Marlon, joined the Saint Marie Police Force to avoid facing prison, and JP Hooper (played by Tobi Bakare) has since taken the youngster under his wing. Miles also starred in Steve McQueen’s Small Axe film, Mangrove and he explained the Oscar-winning director was “intimidating” to work with.

Talking about the show, which he described as his “greatest experience,” Miles continued: “I had less than 10 lines but to be with that group of people involved in telling that story, I was just happy to be part of it.”

On Steve, he added: “I was intimidated to be even in the room with him, but he was quite straightforward and really relaxed.

“He gave you time and freedom to work on a scene.

“In one scene I was beaten up by police and Letitia Wright and Michelle Greenidge playing my mum, came to the station.

“There was meant to be lots of dialogue but he said ‘I don’t care if you don’t say it do whatever you feel is right’.”

Speaking to the Hackney Gazette, he continued: “He [Steve] just wanted to get the best reaction or emotion.”

Mangrove showed a devastating look at 1960s Britain.

McQueen’s anthology series included five feature films, all showcasing the lives of black people at different points in the 20th century.

On his Death In Paradise role, Miles told the publication what it has been like to work alongside Don Warrington, who stars as Police Commission Patterson.

“Don is one of those unsung pioneers who opened very early doors and kept them open,” Miles commented.

“He’s like my brother, uncle and grandad all rolled into one. We talk about anything, life in London, life as an actor.

“Working with him you remember how much experience this man has in the industry.”

Despite initially proving a challenge for JP, Miles’ character soon forms a good relationship with him.

JP proved this when he stepped in to protect Marlon during an incident in order to stop him from being imprisoned.

The end of series 10 saw JP set to leave the island, with Marlon hoping to stay on the right track.

Death in Paradise fans will be pleased to know the show has already been given a series 12 renewal.

It seems there will be plenty more investigations to solve until 2023, and the series could be extended further still.

The popular detective series, set in the fictional island of Saint Marie, has been a hit with viewers since it launched on BBC in 2011.

Death in Paradise returns January 7th on BBC One.

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