Death in Paradise: What does Kris Marshall really think about successor Ardal O’Hanlon?

Death in Paradise: What does Kris Marshall really think about successor Ardal O’Hanlon?


Death in Paradise introduces a new detective in the lead role every few seasons of the show. In 2017, actor Ardal O’Hanlon took over as DI Jack Mooney when Kris Marshall left the BBC series after four years. However, Marshall has kept up to date on the hit crime drama as a viewer and recently spoke out about what annoys him about the latest series of the show.

What does Kris Marshall really think about successor Ardal O’Hanlon?

Ardal O’Hanlon took over as the lead actor in Death in Paradise from Kris Marshall back in 2017.

O’Hanlon began starring as DI Mooney, the affable head of the Honoré Police police on the fictional island of Saint Marie in the Lesser Antilles.

His predecessor Marshall played Humphrey Goodman for four years on the BBC series.

However, the actor recently revealed what he thinks about the BBC show since he left, taking issue with one aspect of DI Mooney’s character.

Speaking at a screening of his upcoming ITV drama Sanditon, Marshall said he wishes O’Hanlon had to suffer as he did during filming.


He told attendees: “One thing I was most displeased about and continue to be displeased about over Mr O’Hanlon’s tenure is his lack of a jacket.

“There’s no jacket. Anyone can do it in short sleeves in 40 degree heat, it’s unfair.”

Marshall clearly had some difficult memories of filming in the heat on the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean.

When his co-star Anne Reid chipped in to say the jacket was only a relaxed linen jacket, the actor was quick to reply.

“It was not relaxed! All I can say is what’s going to happen next to Mr O’Hanlon?,” he protested.

“Is he going to be doing it in budgie smugglers?”


Apart from this small quibble, the actor also had a lot of great things to say about the BBC series.

He said: “I have seen it and it remains greater than any one actor.

“It is on all the time. I think it’s sort of one of those shows that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

“It’s not because of the sunshine, but it certainly helps. It’s not because of the fun storylines, but that certainly helps. It’s not because of any actor but that certainly helps.”

Season nine of Death in Paradise has already begun filming on the island of Guadeloupe.


However, fans are unlikely to see the new series until 2020 on the BBC.

In the meantime, there have been some hints about the direction that the latest series could be heading in.

The official BBC synopsis says: “Series nine will see the Honoré Police team get to know their new DS, Madeleine, while a surprise kiss catches Jack off guard…”

Who the mysterious kiss could come from has not been revealed by the show runners but the new series could see Detective Mooney experience some romance.

The teaser also suggests Madeline (played by Aude Legastelois) will have more to do in the upcoming series when it returns to the screen.

Death in Paradise season 9 will premiere on BBC One in 2020.

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