Days of Our Lives viewers work out Abigails murderer in twisted new theory

Days of Our Lives viewers work out Abigails murderer in twisted new theory


Days of Our Lives viewers think they have already cracked the case on who killed Abigail after some wild theories have been circulating.

Abigail, played by Marci Miller, was recently murdered and the cast have been trying to figure out who done it, whilst possibly deflecting the blame from themselves.

Abigail’s husband Chad found her unconscious body after she was attacked, but later pronounced dead due to the stab wounds that pierced her stomach.

Abby was a legacy character and a fan favourite with viewers, which left them fuming that she was removed from the show’s cast after her untimely death.

Fans of the long-running soap have been theorising about the identity of the killer, with some even speculating whether she was murdered at all.

Loyal viewers have been concocting scenarios and one character was a significant suspect.

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts and one fan wrote: “Sarah pulls a knife on Chanel?! I swear, she’s going to be Abby’s killer unless they are trying to throw us off.”

Another added: “Oh my god, what if Sarah killed Abigail because in a hallucinogenic fog, she thought she was defending herself from Kristen? You all see how my mind works?”

A dedicated fan also tweeted: “I was Sarah, remember she said she has had some blackouts recently? It's the best explanation. List of suspects [who killed] Abigail: Gwen, Leo, Ava, Lucas. Killer: Sarah Horton.”

However, many others think that the killer is another member of the Days of Our Lives cast as clues and hints have been dropped throughout recent episodes.

One said that it is “predictable” that Lucas murdered Abby because “he has a cut on his hand,” which meant that fans “knew” he had done it.

Another thinks that Gwen did the deed, but that “she had help” along the way.

They recalled Gwen’s phone call “with an anonymous person” when she asked them for help and suggested it may have been Kristen, instead of Leo.

One fan even agreed with them and said that she “may have wanted Kristen to return the favour,” which would mean “breaking her out of jail”.

Some even thought that the killer could be “someone completely random,” like Clyde or Li Shin.

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