'Days of Our Lives': The Devil Disrupts Ben and Ciara's Gender Reveal Party

'Days of Our Lives': The Devil Disrupts Ben and Ciara's Gender Reveal Party


Days of Our Lives couple Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) and Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) are gearing up for parenthood. The adorable lovebirds are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their bundle of joy. While it’s a happy time, the couple’s celebration will be cut short by a demonic force.

The Devil is a party crasher on ‘Days of Our Lives’

Ben and Ciara are a super couple on Days of Our Lives. The reformed serial killer and the feisty brunette won fans with their epic love story. The couple faced many challenges, including disapproval from her family and Ciara’s presumed death and amnesia. Yet, after reuniting in August 2021, the newlyweds were ready to start the next chapter in their lives.

Ben and Ciara are expecting their first child, and it’s an exciting time for beloved Cin fans. This week the couple’s family and friends gather for a gender reveal party. Yet, according to Soaps.com, the celebration doesn’t go as planned when The Devil makes its presence known.

The Devil wants Ben Weston and Ciara Brady’s baby

Ben and Ciara are the latest victims of The Devil, who’s been creating chaos in Salem for the past seven months. The Devil’s possessed everyone from Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) to, most recently, Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold). Allie agreed to help with Ben and Ciara’s gender reveal party, but thanks to the Devil’s handiwork will ruin the festivities.

As the couple cuts into the cake, all hell breaks loose. The Devil watches with glee as Ben, Ciara, and their party guests panic. Yet, the couple doesn’t know that their troubles are just beginning.

The Devil wants Ben and Ciara’s baby as a vessel to come to take over the world. Satan believes that combining the couple’s genes will create the perfect child for him to carry out his evil plans.

Baby Weston’s life is in danger

The aftermath of their disastrous party will put Ben and Ciara on high alert on Days of Our Lives. Ben will be extra protective of his wife and unborn child with an evil force after them. As Ciara inches closer to her due date, the Devil will be ready to snatch the child.

While Ben and Ciara’s family will try with all their might to save her, The Devil is a powerful force. A catastrophic showdown is coming, and while the Devil thinks he’s won, he’ll face strong opposition from an unlikely opponent. Speculation is Clyde Weston (James Read) will go toe-to-toe with Satan.

Clyde knows a thing or two about evil, given his multiple crimes. He’s never been a good father to Ben, although he’s tried to make up for it. Now Clyde is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to get him into Ben’s good graces. With his grandchild’s life at stake, Clyde will step to challenge the Devil.

Clyde’s good deed will the Devil from Salem permanently; however, it may cost him his life.

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