Daughter, 21, arranges awkward double date with mum, 45, and two 20-year-olds

Daughter, 21, arranges awkward double date with mum, 45, and two 20-year-olds


Mother and daughter duo Sandra and Mariah love to do everything together.

Be that enjoying a spray tan to going on a night out, the pair just can't be separated.

So when Mariah, 21, bags herself a date she simply can't go without arranging one for her 45-year-old mum too.

And it looks like its going to be an evening to remember when the mum and daughter arrive for their night out with 20-year-olds Stephan and Terrance.

Sandra said: "I don’t know how this happened, but Mariah talked me into going on a double date with her.

"I know nothing about this guy other than he’s, I guess, 20 years younger than me."

However, Mariah seems to have omitted a key detail when it comes to explaining to the boys who she's bringing along – she hasn't told them Sandra is her mum.

She explained: "My mum is super nervous, she’s never gone on a date with a guy who is close to my age.

"I wanted to make her comfortable so I told her a little white lie – she thinks the date knows that knows that she’s my mum.

"Hopefully it doesn’t come up because I don’t want her to freak out."

Sandra and Mariah wait at a local bar for their dates.

But Sandra's nerves soon disappear when she clicks instantly with Terrance, despite their 20 year age gap.

She said: "My first impression of my date is that he’s cute."

And he agrees, saying: "My first impression of Sandra was that she’s beautiful.

"I could tell that she was a little older than I am, but she’s definitely seasoned well."

But then Mariah's lie about who she's brought along to the date rears its ugly head.

Her date, Stephan, asks: "So how do you guys know each other?" h

Sandra is totally taken aback as she thinks their dates know she and Mariah and mum and daughter.

She ask Mariah: "You didn’t tell them?" and urges her to tell them how they know each other.

Mariah finally reveals the truth to a startled Stephan and Terrance and says: "She’s my mum".

The dates are stunned.

Stephan says: "That’s strange, that’s weird! You for real? That’s your mother? That’s crazy to me."

Terrance adds: "It blew my mind, I ain’t going to lie."

Sandra is mortified and admits she's devastated by her daughter's lies.

She says: "All this time I was worried about embarrassing Mariah. Well, she’s embarrassing me.

"I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys just walked out."

But Mariah tries to reassure her mum that it doesn't matter and the mum and daughter's dates agree.

Terrance insists he was just caught off guard.

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