Darragh Ennis left red-faced after The Chase blunder: Going to get tonnes of stick

Darragh Ennis left red-faced after The Chase blunder: Going to get tonnes of stick


The Chase: Bradley in fits as chaser and player mess up

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Taking on Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis on Tuesday episode of The Chase were contestants Amy, Matthew, Richard and Abigail. All four hoped they’d have what it’d take to beat the Chaser in their head to head rounds and walk home with some serious cash in their pockets. The only ITV contestant who failed to make it back for the Final Chase, however, was Richard – although a blunder from Darragh certainly gave him the perfect opportunity to stay in the game.

Richard was third up to take on Darragh on the ITV quiz show after watching Amy and Matthew make it back for the final round.

Amy had brought back £5,000 to the table after sticking with what she’d earned in the cash-builder while Matthew made it back with just £1,000 after opting for the lower offer.

Keen not to follow in their footsteps, Richard told Darragh he was going to always take the higher offer – which in his case was £46,000.

However, it soon became clear Richard was heading for an early exit after he got his very first two questions against Darragh wrong.

The stage was set for Darragh to send Richard home after just a handful of brainteasers – but he too found himself slipping up.

Bradley has asked the pair: “Which region of the brain regulates your patterns of sleep and wakefulness?”

Amygdala, hypothalamus and cerebellum were the three possible answers, with Richard opting for the latter of the three.

The Chase host revealed Richard had answered the question incorrectly and with Darragh’s history in the sciences, was convinced the Chaser had got the answer right.

“Now then, he’s gonna know this,” Bradley said after Richard was revealed to be wrong.

“The Chaser has put… sorry, it’s the way it goes,” Bradley added, convinced Richard was about to be going home.

But in a turn up for the books, Darragh committed an error and opted for amygdala, prompting a stunned reaction from Bradley.

“That was a really, really, really bad miss from me,” Darragh said as he addressed his blunder.

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“I just blanked and I could not think of it,” he continued. “I went the wrong way so I’m gonna get tonnes of stick for this and deservedly so.”

Bradley got the teasing underway right away as he began to try and stifle giggles at Darragh’s expense.

However, Darragh had the last laugh as he did eventually catch Richard and sent him home empty-handed.

Abigail was last up to take on The Menace and followed in Matthew’s footsteps by taking the lower offer of £1,000.

With £7,000 in the prize fund, the trio put their heads together to try and outrun Darragh in the Final Chase.

However, they only managed to rack up 15 steps – a target both Bradley and Darragh admitted was too low considering the talent on the team.

“When you guys watch this back you will be kicking yourselves – I should be looking at a 19 here,” Darragh commented when he came back out to play.

The Menace caught the team with plenty of time to spare and everyone went home empty-handed.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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