Daniel Craig rolls eyes at Sky News James Bond claim Yes, of course it is!

Daniel Craig rolls eyes at Sky News James Bond claim Yes, of course it is!


James Bond: Daniel Craig says ‘of course’ film is ‘bigger and better’

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Daniel Craig’s fifth time playing James Bond in No Time To Die will be his final appearance in the role, after 15 years as the spy with the licence to kill. The movie will be unveiled tonight at a star-studded royal premiere at the Royal Albert Hall. But when asked by Sky News’ Katie Spencer about the film, he rolled his eyes.

Asked if the new film is “bigger and better” than others, Daniel responded: “Yes, of course, it is.

“Of course it is!”

Daniel has said he will “never not think about” his time as James Bond because it has been “too big a thing in my life.”

He told PA that “the making of it was just so important”, when it came to reflecting on what the part has meant to him and his career.

He added: “I’m just so grateful for the fact that I got a chance to go and make one last one and it be this one and to finish telling the story.

“This has been a massive part of my life. I’m never not going to think about this, it’s been too big a thing in my life.”

Ben Whishaw, who has played gadget guru Q alongside Craig since 2012’s Skyfall, said it is emotional to think it is the last time his co-star will inhabit the role.

He said: “I’m moved to think that it’s his last film, personally because I just loved making them with him and I’ve had such a joyful time.

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“So I’m sad for myself that that’s coming to an end. But I think that this film, and I haven’t seen it yet, but from what I recall and what I’ve read, I think this film will be a really thrilling and satisfying conclusion to his inhabiting of this character in these stories.”

Oscar-winner Rami Malek, who joins the franchise as villain Safin, said knowing it was Craig’s last outing meant “you could feel some tension in every aspect of shooting”.

He added: “Because everyone was marshalling themselves forward to make it the best possible Bond we could for him, there’s a lot on the line.


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“He just sets a tone every day, he shows up to work and the guy is exceptional at leading.

“It just feels like it’s ingrained in his DNA and I would say, of course, that’s a part of playing Bond, but that’s a lot of who Daniel is.

“And every day, you just want to live up to that.”

No Time To Die is released in UK cinemas on September 30.

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