Dan Walker shuts down Sally Nugent as he jokes about her piano playing skills

Dan Walker shuts down Sally Nugent as he jokes about her piano playing skills


Things were getting tense on the BBC Breakfast red sofa on Tuesday, as Dan Walker shut down Sally Nugent during a discussion about her piano playing skills.

Sally is a keen musician, and during lockdown was even contemplating going for her Grade 8 in piano using her upright set-up at home.

But Dan wasn't keen to hear her play live in the studio as the pair prepared to welcome a live musical guest for the first time in a long time due to pandemic restrictions.

It all started as Dan made a huge blunder live on the show, forgetting the word 'landscape'.

Sally began: "We've got lots to look forward to on the programme this morning, haven't we? It's exciting!"

Dan agreed: "Yes. The former Blur frontman Damon Albarn is going to be here, and he'll be giving us a performance of one of his brand new songs.

"I've been reading through some of the critical acclaim for the album, and there are people saying it's his best work, it's beautiful."

Dan then stumbled over his words as he said: "It's all inspired by the, er…"

"Lockdown?" Sally suggested, before going on to ask: "Iceland?"

"Yeah, but the what in Iceland?" Dan wondered as he searched for the words. Finally remembering, he exclaimed: "The landscape! Landscape is the word I was looking for."

"I didn't know where you were going with that!" Sally insisted through her giggles as Dan apologised.

He went on to say: "We've even got a proper piano. Look at that. We've had that especially cleaned this morning, as Nina couldn't resist. I think she was having a little tickle of the ivories earlier, so we've cleaned it and we're ready for Damon who is going to be here a little bit later on this morning."

Sally couldn't help but chime in with: "Do you know, it is a long time since we've had someone play live in the studio, it's been a couple of years.

"I know we had Owain [Wyn Evans] last week on his drum-kit, but it's a long time since we've had a guest come in and play a piece of music, so we're really happy about that."

Strictly star Dan went on to say he'd heard a sample of Damon's performance, dubbing it "magic".

Sally then joked: "Just wait until I play it after the programme!", as Dan hit back: "No, don't do that!"

But he then added: "I bet you can play, can't you?" as Sally said: "Of course I can. Yeah. Shall we, a singalong?"

Dan asked Sally if she could play them into the weather, but she insisted through her giggles: "I can't play the BBC news theme!"

"I'll play the drums over here like Owain!" Dan quipped as he drummed on the desktop with a pen, but stoically added: "Anyway. That's not going to happen."

"It might now!" Sally laughed.

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am every day on BBC One.

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