Dan Walker erupts as Barclay defends Priti Patel in Mings row Not on the same page

Dan Walker erupts as Barclay defends Priti Patel in Mings row Not on the same page


BBC Breakfast: Walker grills Barclay over Mings’ Patel criticism

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The MP stepped in to defend the Home Secretary after she said the England football players taking to the knee was “gesture politics”. As Barclay was quizzed about the abuse the England football team have faced by BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker, the segment took a turn when the host got frustrated with the MP as he brought up Tyrone Mings, who took aim at the Home Secretary about the racist abuse Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka received.

Speaking about Mings’ comments about the Home Secretary, Walker began by asking the MP: “Is he right? Was Priti Patel stoking the fire?” 

“I think the Euros has actually brought out country together,” Barclay replied. “And I think the one thing we agree on is…”

Before the MP could finish his sentence, Walker interrupted: “Sorry, I’m going to jump in there because I don’t want to be distracted by the overall message.

“I’m asking you specifically about the words of Priti Patel and what Tyrone Mings has said about the Home Secretary.”

The host raged: “He said at the start of the Euros she was stoking the fire. The players made it quite clear that they were making a stand against racism.

 “This is a serious allegation. He is saying, the Home Secretary one of the most senior people in the country contributed to that.”

Stepping in to defend Ms Patel, Barclay hit back: “The Home Secretary herself has been the victim of the most appalling online abuse.

“She understands better than most the consequences of racism because she herself throughout her career, as a senior politician has been subject herself to online abuse and that why the Government is taking action.”

“What I think came out of the Euros is that it brought our country together,” the MP added.

He went on to brand the abuse some of the abuse the England footballers have faced as “completely unacceptable”.

“We need to ensure these social media platforms take action,” he said.

Walker went on to quiz the MP on how Patel has ended up on the “wrong side of the debate”.

“Tyrone Mings has publicly gone toe to toe with the Home Secretary on this issue,” the host hit back.

“Essentially he is saying the Government have encouraged this. They are not on the same page.”

“This is a prominent England footballer calling out the Home Secretary. This is a really serious allegation.”


On Monday, Mings joined the backlash with a powerful series of tweets in which he admitted the racist abuse the football players received did not surprise him.

“I’m still struggling to find the words to express my emotions from the past month,” he began.

“I’m so proud of everyone who has contributed to the joy and togetherness this team has bought to millions. We have celebrated, smiled, cried and cheered together & for that, I’m so so proud.

“But waking up today and seeing my brothers being racially abused for being brave enough to put themselves in a position to help this country, is something that sickens, but doesn’t surprise me.”



He continued: “We have literally made history. We’ve gone where no one else has gone. Take that in.”

Mings also challenged Ms Patel, who tweeted she was “disgusted” by the racist abuse aimed at England’s penalty-takers after the final whistle at Wembley.

She had previously branded the taking of the knee, a gesture used by the Three Lions before matches at the Euros to show their support in the fight against all forms of discrimination, as “gesture politics” in an interview with GB News last month.

“You don’t get to stoke the fire at the beginning of the tournament by labelling our anti-racism message as ‘Gesture Politics’ & then pretend to be disgusted when the very thing we’re campaigning against, happens,” said Mings in a reply to the Home Secretary’s tweet.

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